Smooth Moves: Revealing the Faux-Organic Code

About this Assignment

In this assignment, you will delve into the intricacies of CeraVe’s masterful Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) campaign, particularly focusing on their groundbreaking Big Game advertisement featuring Michael Cera. Through a series of interactive activities and analyses, you will explore the various phases of the campaign, dissect the audience reception, and evaluate the effectiveness of the different marketing strategies.

*CeraVe does not endorse, sponsor, or have any affiliation with Stukent and/or Stukent’s producs.

This assignment will help your Students:

Analyze Campaign Phases

Students will dissect the phases of CeraVe’s Big Game campaign, studying the objectives and strategies in each phase.

Explore Influencer Impact

Students will explore influencer marketing and social listening in CeraVe’s campaign, identifying key influencers and analyzing their impact on brand perception and consumer behavior.

Evaluate Engagement

Students will assess audience reception of CeraVe’s campaign, analyzing social media metrics to gauge its effectiveness in generating brand awareness and engagement.

Assess Branding

Students will critically assess CeraVe’s gender-neutral branding approach and its implications for market expansion, discussing the significance of disruptive advertising in reaching diverse audiences.

Share on LinkedIn

Students will create a professional post on LinkedIn, sharing the key learnings, insights, and experiences gained from the assignment. Tagging Stukent® in the post will encourage engagement, networking, and real-world application of acquired knowledge in a professional setting.

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