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Public Speaking Bundle

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Stukent’s Public Speaking Bundle will include:

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Stukent Bundles combine our proprietary simulations with our leading-edge courseware, making the teaching experience seamless for educators and the learning experience impactful for students. We pack our courseware with hundreds of resources, including engaging assignments, lesson plans, lecture slide sets, auto-graded quizzes, and more.

The up-to-date foundational theory and real-world experience in the Public Speaking Bundle is a powerful combination, preparing students for success in their own public speaking endeavors.


Table of Contents*

Chapter 1 – Developing the Entrepreneurship Mindset
Chapter 2 – Mastering Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
Chapter 3 – Branding Your Business
Chapter 4 – Protecting Your Business
Chapter 5 – Customer-centric Entrepreneurship
Chapter 6 – Marketing Your Brand
Chapter 7 – Managing Your Business
Chapter 8 – Handling Business Cash Flow
Chapter 9 – Expanding Your Business
Chapter 10 – Analyzing Business Success

*Content is subject to change

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Public Speaking: Learning to Share with Confidence and Purpose

Real-world application

Teach your students how to become competent oral communicators in various social and business settings.
This public speaking course establishes an academic foundation, then moves into
methods and practical application. The course will help you develop the necessary
confidence and skills to present your ideas clearly and effectively to both large and
small audiences. The course is designed to provide a number of different speaking and
listening opportunities so that you can practice the techniques necessary to become a
competent oral communicator in a wide variety of social and business settings.

"Public Speaking" Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Plan
Chapter 2: Audience & Connection
Chapter 3: Introduction to Research
Chapter 4: Impromptu Speaking
Chapter 5: Persuasive Speaking
Chapter 6: Informative Speaking
Chapter 7 Speaking at Special Occasions
Part 3: ACTION
Chapter 8: Putting It Together
Chapter 9: Presentation Supports
Chapter 10: Presenter Preparation
Chapter 11: Delivery
Chapter 12: Team Presentations
Part 4: WRAP-UP
Chapter 13: Listening & Feedback
Chapter 14: Trends

About the Author

Picture of Tara Williams

Tara Williams

With a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on creation of innovation through partnerships, and a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Biotechnology Management, Tara Williams’ passion lies in integrating business and academic activities with community development. Tara uses her ability to see others' assets to connect and create community impact. 

Tara is an instructor in the School of Business & Continuing Students at Medicine Hat College in Alberta, Canada and has been teaching there for 15 years. Her areas of interest include public speaking, organizational behavior, service leadership and its connection to corporate culture, and entrepreneurship. 

Over the last 10 years she has taught public speaking and has loved creating a challenging environment watching students grow in their abilities and comfort level when sharing with an audience. 

A dynamic and dedicated community leader, Tara is also a momma to two bright and loving littles.

Identify personal speech habits to increase confidence
Dissect the speech communication process
Model the ethics of public speaking
Apply elements of speech writing
Develop effective oral delivery techniques
Develop strategies to control apprehension and anxiety
Develop critical listening and evaluative skills

Hands-on Public Speaking Experience

with the Public Speaking Simulation

Stukent’s Public Speaking Simulation gives your students a platform to practice key public speaking skills outside of class, giving you more time to teach in class!

Over 11 rounds, students will ideate, compose, and record various types of presentations while practicing to deliver a speech at a major event. The simulation asks students to deliver impromptu, persuasive, and informative presentations; practice appropriate body language; analyze third-party speeches; build audience profiles; and review their peers’ work. With so many great features, Stukent’s Public Speaking Simulation makes it easy to turn students into powerful, professional public speakers!

Hands-on Learning Without the Hassle

Stukent Simternships Integrate with Your Favorite LMS Platforms

Single Sign-On

Grade Book Syncing

Deep Linking


About the Authors

Picture of Jen Riley

Jen Riley

Dr. Jen Riley is a sales professor at Kansas State University, where she specializes in sales and social media. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Riley was an award-winning entrepreneur and corporate marketing consultant. Outside of her research on the integration of sales and technology, Dr. Riley loves teaching and finding innovative ways to engage students.

Picture of Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper has taught hundreds of college students in digital marketing as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Before founding Stukent Inc., Draper founded the successful digital marketing agency Get Found First. He has hired, trained and mentored dozens of college students as online marketing interns and employees.

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