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No individual or organization is immune to a crisis — it can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Teach students to handle crises with skill and precision with Crisis Communication: Anticipate. Navigate. Mitigate. This all-new courseware teaches students to resolve risks, develop communication plans, manage the media, and respond appropriately to crises both on and offline. With a robust set of resources, this courseware gives students insights into turning crises into organizational opportunities.

Table of Contents

Crisis Communication Courseware stukent

Chapter 1 –
What is a Crisis?
Chapter 2 – Crisis Ethics

Chapter 3 – Communicating Before a Crisis
Chapter 4 – Issues and Risk
Chapter 5 – The Crisis Communication Plan

Chapter 6 – Understanding the Media
Chapter 7 – Spokesperson Training
Chapter 8 – Crises and Social Media
Chapter 9 –
Excellence Theory

Chapter 10 – Corporate Apologia
Chapter 11 – Image Repair
Chapter 12Situational Crisis Communication Theory
Chapter 13 Discourse on Renewal Theory
Chapter 14 – Crisis Evaluation

Crisis Communication: Anticipate Navigate Mitigate


Students learn crisis warning signs and preemptive communication that protect an entity from crises.


Students apply industry-current strategies and best practices to properly address the media and manage public image.


Students understand how crisis communication can provide an opportunity to recover and even improve public perception.

About the Author

Dr. Shelley L. Wigley

Dr. Shelley L. Wigley

With Shelley’s experience as a journalist, producer, and public relations specialist, she eventually found a passion for crisis communication. In 2001, she began her teaching career at her alma mater Oklahoma State University as an Assistant Professor of public relations. In 2007, Dr. Wigley completed her PhD in Mass Communication at University of Oklahoma. A year later, Shelley served as adviser for the Public Relations Student Society of America and also became a member of the PRSA in the same year.

After over 20 years teaching, Dr. Wigley now teaches at the University of Texas at Arlington and has developed an interactive style of teaching that not only teaches student about crisis communication and PR, but also how to do it. Combining her enthusiasm for crisis communication and interactive learning, she believed that authoring Crisis Communication: Anticipate. Navigate. Mitigate. with Stukent was the perfect opportunity to create a course material that to teach and train students EVERYTING they will need to be successful in crisis communication.


A simulation that shows them how. . .

Prepare students to manage and mitigate any situation with Stukent Crisis Communication Simternship™! In this 8-round simulation, students will work as crisis communication account managers for Julian Communications Agency, where they will help a fictitious company navigate challenging situations. Students will devise strategies to prepare for and prevent crises, build trust with consumers, and strategically communicate with employees & the media.

The best kind of crisis is one that never happens. Combining the “Crisis Communication: Anticipate. Navigate. Mitigate.” courseware with the Crisis Communication Simulation gives users both a comprehensive foundation and practical hands-on learning. This provides learners with a job-like experience in which they have more ownership and risk-taking capabilities without the real-life career consequences. Teachers gain all the tools they need to optimize their time and teaching impact while students become equipped to transition into the industry better prepared to handle crises because they already have experience doing so.

Why Use the Bundle?

The best kind of crisis is one that never happens. This courseware bundle is specifically designed to help students understand and master the skills they need to prevent crises in the first place. It also equips them with the know-how to extinguish and recover from the unforeseen or unavoidable crises.

Join the many professors who have chosen to use Stukent’s Crisis Communication bundle as an experiential learning material in their class. Whether you’re currently teaching a crisis communication course or looking to build one in your college, The Crisis Communication courseware and simulation will provide you with everything you need to enhance your students’ class experience, simplify difficult concepts to teach, and save you tons of prep time.

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Your College Doesn't have a Crisis Communcation Course?

You get it already, crisis communication skills and knowledge are vital to your students success in this world. Getting the dean or program director to buy in requires a significant amount of effort. Not this time.

Whether you’re looking to launch this course in the communications or business departments, this course proposal lays the groundwork for you to pioneer this course for your students and colleagues. On top of that, this courseware bundle is designed to be turnkey for seamless implementation, saving you time, and taking stress out of the process.

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