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The Business Analytics Bundle

Courseware + Simulation

Pairing the Business Analytics Courseware with the Mimic Analytics Simulation is the perfect way to teach and learn business analytics. The courseware provides foundational concepts, and the simulation allows students to put those concepts into practice. Together they create a complete package that saves instructors hours of prep time and helps students gain a real-world experience.

The Business Analytics Courseware

Analytics is changing the way businesses report, analyze, and respond to data. Companies need employees who can act as liaisons between business departments and technical analysts.

This is a business analytics textbook and so much more. In this turnkey courseware, students will learn critical job skills that allow them to compete in a rapidly growing and constantly changing field.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Business Analytics Overview

Chapter 2 – Spreadsheet and Programming Tools for Business Analytics

Chapter 3 – Unstructured Data and NoSQL

Chapter 4 – Structured Data and SQL

Chapter 5 – Data Mining with Cluster Analysis 

Chapter 6 – A/B Testing Essential Business Factors

Chapter 7 – Machine Learning and Deep Learning 

Chapter 8 – Cloud Services

Chapter 9 – Web Analytics 

Chapter 10 – Analytics for the Internet of Things

Chapter 11 – Storytelling through Visualization 

Chapter 12 – Metrics

Chapter 13 – Predictive Analytics

Chapter 14 – Optimization

ISBN: 978-1-7346888-1-8

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and techniques of business data collection, analysis and visualization.
  • Apply the logic of optimization and attribution in business analytics.
  • Explain the terminology and tools of business analytics.
  • Apply the practical tools and technique of business analytics.
  • Understand the roles of data technologies, data management systems and data visualization in business.
  • Study and practice programming tools and structured query language.
  • Engage in social listening and content analysis.
  • Understand machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.
  • Run field experiments in digital environments, including A/B testing.
  • Understand, run, and interpret results of predictive models.

150+ Educator Resources

  • 14 chapters
  • 20 data sets
  • 14 auto-graded quizzes
  • 100 exercises
  • 14 lecture slide sets
  • 14 lesson plans
  • 4 Expert Sessions
  • Syllabus and course outline
Business Analytics

The Mimic Analytics Simulation


Solidify Theory with Hands-on Practice

Mimic Analytics trains students to transform, integrate, and analyze data. This simulation gives students access to large data sets, allowing them to use the latest analytics tools, run cluster analyses, implement A/B testing, allocate campaign budgets, and more. It’s an engaging, hands-on way to boost student résumés and prepare them for the workforce.

Spend less time preparing/grading and more time helping students get valuable practice with this business analytics simulation.


9 Reasons to Use Mimic Analytics

  1. Allows students to make budget allocation decisions using simulated funds
  2. Utilizes randomized datasets to minimize cheating
  3. Provides experience with A/B testing for a fictitious company’s website
  4. Auto-grades assignments and offers instructor customization
  5. Is easy to implement in in-person, hybrid, or online courses
  6. Runs cluster analysis for customer segmentation
  7. Works with Excel, R, or Python for assignment completion
  8. Includes weekly briefings to guide student performance
  9. Gives students access to big data


What Professors Are Saying About Mimic Analytics

Brennan Davis, Professor at California Polytechnic State University

Industry Expert Reviews

Anirudh Krishna - Senior Data Analyst

"This book clearly breaks down the concepts of Business Analytics which are essential for successful strategies. Professor Davis' insights about A/B testing and other analytics tools are simple and easy to relate to real-world applications."

David Cornella - Senior Data Analyst

"This textbook breaks down many fundamentals of business analytics and provides students with a pragmatic approach to solving real-world business problems."

Arjun Reddy - Data Scientist

“The textbook covers a diverse range of topics, all of which are essentials to become a modern Analytics programmer and a Data Scientist, from SQL and tools like R, Excel and Python to NoSQL; from A/B Testing and Cluster analysis to Machine learning and predictive analytics. I particularly like the inclusion of Analytics for Internet of Things and Cloud Services topics, which are not very often talked about, in context of business analytics. Dr. Davis' book is a stepping stone to anyone who aims to develop skills to efficiently use tools, business-specific application, involve in the future of analytics, and build solutions at scale.”

Alex Dowthwaite - Product Analyst

“Dr. Davis's textbook highlights key data visualization and analytics tools that data-centric companies are eagerly searching for in potential employees.”

Sally Nguyen - Data Analyst

“I find that many people overlook the power of Excel in favor of new coding languages such as Python and R. However, Excel is a foundational analysis tool, especially because it is readily available and there is a low barrier to entry. I love the fact that this book dedicates an entire chapter to Excel.”

Nate Veldkamp - Senior Manager, Analytics

“Technology’s rate of change in business over the last decade has outpaced the curriculum of most university business programs when it comes to business analytics and the tools and knowledge needed to effectively drive data-driven decisions. Dr. Brennan Davis’s close connections with analytics leaders at today’s top companies ensure his content is up to date with the needs of industry and his book and courseware provide a modern platform to teach the foundational topics of business analytics.”

Kate Belotti - Business Technology Analyst

“A great pairing of the functional and technical skills needed to understand the tools of today.”

Dmytro Marushkevych - Sr. Director Data Science & Analytics

“Professor Davis' book has a very strong coverage of the key tools and concepts required in the field of business analytics: from Excel (most underestimated and under-used analytical tool), to Web Analytics, to Data Mining, to Deep Learning. I wish all the candidates I am interviewing had this toolset at their disposal.”

Noah Wang - Cloud Applications Consultant

“This book proactively prepares individuals for the digital transformation that is coming to the global economy. With foundational and applicable knowledge of predictive analytics and cloud computing, learners are prepared to be a part of the biggest technological advancement since the internet.”

Noah MacDonald - Web Solutions Engineer

“Brennan Davis has a unique way of introducing the reader to highly related fields that are seldom taught together into an exhaustive text for anyone seeking to understand the problems being solved by modern Analytics & Reporting organizations and teams. The examples are pragmatic, reflective of Davis' extensive experience outside the classroom, and delivered by a natural educator.”

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