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The Business Research Essentials Bundle

The Business Research Essentials courseware and simulation provide a cohesive teaching experience for educators and a cohesive learning experience for students.

Combining the courseware and simulation helps students:

  • Develop Real-world Skills
  • Grasp research concepts and methods
  • Learn through hands-on Experience

The Business Research Essentials Courseware

This is a business research textbook and so much more. In this turnkey courseware, students will learn the research methods and data future managers and business leaders need to understand in order to make strategic decisions.

Who is Business Research Essentials made for?

Business Research Essentials is a great fit for research courses in business and management programs. Because it is a high-level text focusing on research methods business leaders need to know, Business Research Essentials would be appropriate for both undergraduate and MBA-level research courses.

How is Business Research Essentials applicable to industry?

Most companies use a balanced scorecard with related KPIs. Business Research Essentials maps typical research projects to the balanced scorecard perspectives. This approach prepares students for scenarios they are likely to encounter on-the-job as business leaders

Table of Contents

Introduction to Research Concepts and Methods

Chapter 1: Introduction to Business Research

Chapter 2: Business Intelligence

Chapter 3: Qualitative Primary Research

Chapter 4: Survey Research

Chapter 5: Data Analysis

Chapter 6: Data Visualization and Reporting

Applying Research Concepts and Methods to the 4 Balanced Scorecard Perspectives

Chapter 7: Financial Perspective

Chapter 8: Customer Perspective

Chapter 9: Internal Process Perspective

Chapter 10: Learning and Growth Perspective

Applying Research Concepts and Methods to Market Research

Chapter 11: Product Research

Chapter 12: Marketing Research

Key Learning Objectives​

  • Identifying appropriate research methods for application to each major strategic objective within an organization
  • Developing research studies and approaches whether they warrant data collection that is: 
    • Primary or secondary
    • Internal or external
    • Qualitative or quantitative 
  • Aggregating and analyzing results to inform optimum business strategy

85+ Educator Resources

Lesson Plans
Slide Presentation
Auto-graded Quizzes
Quizzes Review
Slide Presentations

1 comprehensive project   |   1 comprehensive project instructor guide   |   1 comprehensive project student guide

1 auto-graded exam (50 questions)   |   1 test bank (70 questions)   |   1 sample syllabus   |   1 sample schedule

The Mimic Market Research Simulation

Solidify Theory with Hand-on Practice

In the simulation, students complete a market research project from start to finish, from building surveys and moderators’ guides to creating a final report. What’s more, it’s done in a way that’s simple, digestible, and fun!

Add Real-world Skills to Your Students' Resumes

Mimic Market Research is a game-changing simulation for market research students. Created in partnership with both educators and industry professionals, Mimic Market Research gives students real-world skills they can add to their resumes.

Spend More Time Teaching

Mimic Market Research is completely auto-graded, so you can spend less time preparing and grading and more time helping students build valuable skills. This unique simulation shortens the learning curve and prepares students to compete in a growing job market.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Analyze requests for proposal to determine research methodologies.
  • Identify key findings from secondary and primary research.
  • Build moderators’ guides for focus groups.
  • Create survey instruments for gathering primary data.
  • Calculate sample size estimates and identify sampling techniques.
  • Select a sampling plan for data collection.
  • Categorize open-ended survey responses using a code list.
  • Identify study limitations based on a client’s target market and demographic survey responses.
  • Select visuals for quantitative and qualitative survey data.
  • Evaluate cross-tabulations to identify segment differences.
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market research focus group

Analyze a Focus Group Recording

Identify Key Findings from Research

Create Surveys

Code Open-ended Survey Responses

Visualize Data

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Keeping Content Current

The media and materials included with the business research methods textbook and courseware make it an in-depth teaching tool. The content is updated yearly so you can be sure you’re teaching up-to-date principles.

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