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Spend Less Time Grading and More Time Teaching

Allow Your Students to Experience the Market Research Process from Beginning to End

Add Real-world Skills to Your Students' Resumes

The Stukent Market Research Simternship™ is a game-changing simulation for market research students. Created in partnership with both educators and industry professionals, Market Research Simternship™ gives students real-world skills they can add to their resumes.

Provide Hands-on Experience

In the Simternship, students complete a market research project from start to finish, from building surveys and moderators’ guides to creating a final report. What’s more, it’s done in a way that’s simple, digestible, and fun!

Spend More Time Teaching

The Market Research Simternship™ is completely auto-graded, so you can spend less time preparing and grading and more time helping students build valuable skills. This unique simulation shortens the learning curve and prepares students to compete in a growing job market.

Market research textbook and simulation

Stukent Market Research Simternship™

Real-world Experience.

  • Analyze a Focus Group Recording​
  • Identify Key Findings from Research​
  • Create Surveys
  • Code Open-ended Survey Responses
  • Visualize Data

Stukent Simternships™ — Redefine Business Education

Redefine hands-on education with a Stukent Simternship™! A Simternship goes beyond your average business simulation, giving your students the opportunity to put the concepts you’re teaching them to work.

A Stukent Simternship packs months of role-specific training into a single semester. Your students will step into real-world positions, allowing them to gain experience, master marketable skills, increase their knowledge retention, and yes, even make mistakes in a low-risk environment.

With Stukent Simternships, your students get a powerful, resume-worthy experience, while you get a hassle-free semester. Talk to a Stukent course consultant today to see how a Simternship can transform your classroom!

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze requests for proposal to determine research methodologies.
  • Identify key findings from secondary and primary research.
  • Build moderators’ guides for focus groups.
  • Create survey instruments for gathering primary data.
  • Calculate sample size estimates and identify sampling techniques.
  • Select a sampling plan for data collection.
  • Categorize open-ended survey responses using a code list.
  • Identify study limitations based on a client’s target market and demographic survey responses.
  • Select visuals for quantitative and qualitative survey data.
  • Evaluate cross-tabulations to identify segment differences.
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Market Research Essentials Digital Courseware

Prepare Your Students to Compete in the Industry

Understanding how to properly conduct market research is a fundamental part of any marketing strategy. In this course, students will learn the process of conducting market research from start to finish, including how to effectively present and communicate the results. With the need for professionals in market research increasing each year, students will be prepared for the industry as they go through this course.

Market Research Essentials takes an in-depth look at each step in the market research process. Students will get a clear understanding of how to conduct primary and secondary research, how to analyze the data, and much more.

Table of Contents

Marketing Principles Simulation

Chapter 1 – The Purpose of Market Research

Chapter 2 – Defining the Research Objective

Chapter 3 – Internal Secondary Research

Chapter 4 – External Secondary Research

Chapter 5 – Qualitative Primary Research

Chapter 6 – Quantitative Primary Research

Chapter 7 – Quantitative Primary Research Application

Chapter 8 – Sampling Techniques

Chapter 9 – Fielding Studies

Chapter 10 – Descriptive Data Analysis

Chapter 11 – Inferential Data Analysis

Chapter 12 – Communicating Results

Market Research Essentials Videos

These pre-recorded video lectures for Market Research Essentials can save you hours of prep time. Presented by the author, Steven Stromp, these videos present the key concepts of market research, including its purpose, secondary research, qualitative primary research, survey development, sampling techniques, survey distribution, data analysis, and communicating research results.

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