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Learning gets real. Bring lifelike consumer behavior challenges into your course environment and to your students. Watch them identify behaviors, psychographic, demographics of target markets, and execute marketing strategies. Personalized feedback for students and auto-graded for instructors. Immersive storyline.

The Consumer Behavior Bundle

The Consumer Behavior courseware has 130 instructor and student resources, including quizzes, videos, assignments, and more.

The Mimic Consumer Behavior simulation allows students to put what they learn into practice.

Consumer Behavior Courseware textbook and simulation

The Consumer Behavior Courseware

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to Consumer Behavior

Chapter 2: Consumer Needs, Motivations, and Goals

Chapter 3: Consumer Perception

Chapter 4: Consumer Learning

Chapter 5: Consumer Personalities

Chapter 6: Consumer Attitude Formation and Change

Chapter 7: Individual Decision Making

Chapter 8: Reference Groups and Word of Mouth

Chapter 9: Persuading Consumers Through Messaging

Chapter 10: Influencing the Buying Process

Chapter 11: Creating Brand Loyalty

Chapter 12: Connecting Innovation to Consumer Behavior

Chapter 13: Cross-cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior

Chapter 14: Impact of Technology on Consumer Behavior

Chapter 15: Consumer Behavior and the Regulatory Environment

Key Learning Objectives

  • Know each stage of the individual decision-making model in detail.
  • Determine how marketers can align spend and resources to the decision-making model.
  • Learn how to influence purchase decisions.
  • Conduct focus groups by finding participants, developing questions, and analyzing results.
  • Retool the marketing of an existing product for promotion in a new target market.
  • Develop a personality trait quiz to identify market segments.
  • Build buyer personas to help with future marketing strategies.
  • Create a video advertisement targeted to buyer persona.
Consumer Behavior Courseware textbook

130 Educator Resources

  • 15 Chapters
  • 15 Lesson Plans
  • 4 Projects
  • 15 Auto-graded Quizzes
  • 30 Lecture Slides
  • 15 Quiz Review Slides
  • 43 Video Resources
  • 2 Expert Sessions
  • 4 Video Case Studies
  • 1 Comprehensive Final Exam
  • 1 Test Bank

The Consumer Behavior Simternship

Key Learning Objectives

  • Select market segments based on internal and external data.
  • Purchase qualitative and quantitative research to narrow the target market.
  • Create a consumer survey to identify the ideal target market.
  • Analyze a focus group, survey results, and other secondary research to build a customer profile and guide marketing decisions.
  • Build a value proposition and positioning statement based on a target customer profile.
  • Select the best social media marketing channels and strategies based on competitor research and advertising metrics.
  • Adjust ad spending and messaging following market disruptions.
  • Select stylistic elements to craft a campaign guide that will resonate with a target market.

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Hands-on Learning Without the Hassle

Stukent Simternships Integrate with Your Favorite LMS Platforms

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About the Author

Picture of Radhika Duggal

Radhika Duggal

Radhika is the Chief Marketing Officer at Major League Soccer (MLS). She's honed her marketing skillset across time spent as a senior marketing leader in Fortune 100 companies, as a management consultant serving marketing organizations across a variety of Fortune 500 companies, and as a startup CMO. Throughout her career, she has led the design and execution of innovative full-funnel, multi-channel marketing efforts that drive business results.
She is an adjunct professor of marketing at the New York University Leonard N Stern School of Business, authored the Stukent "Consumer Behavior" courseware, and helped shape the Consumer Behavior simulation.

Picture of Radhika Duggal

Radhika Duggal

Radhika Duggal is a marketing leader with extensive experience in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services. She is an adjunct professor of marketing at New York University and is the author of Stukent’s “Consumer Behavior” digital textbook. Throughout her career, she has led the design and execution of innovative brand strategies to drive awareness and consideration through multi-channel marketing efforts.

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