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At Stukent, we launch groundbreaking new products each semester and build better curricula for industry classrooms. We have a slate of fantastic marketing products, including everything you need to teach digital marketing, SEO, analytics, professional selling, and so much more.

Higher Ed Marketing Simulation & Courseware Bundles

At Stukent, we know you’re dedicated to providing the best educational experiences for your students, which is why we’re committed to developing robust resources for the classroom. From digital marketing essentials to marketing management, SEO, and more, our goal is to create materials that help you focus on what matters most — your students.

Social Media Marketing

Courseware + Simulation

The Social Media Marketing Bundle helps students master platform-specific social media marketing. Students will develop social media skills, create an employee advocacy program, and practice personal branding. 


Digital Marketing

Courseware + Simulation

Stukent’s Digital Marketing Bundle allows you to teach current, critical skills such as SEO, website analytics, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing with ease. Turn students into confident digital marketers and add actionable skills to their resumes.

Marketing Principles

Courseware + Simulation

If business is a chess match, then marketing is the queen on the board — that’s why Stukent developed the Principles of Marketing Bundle. Stukent’s Marketing Principles bundle gives students a powerful foundation in the processes, value, and role of marketing. 

Professional Selling

Courseware + Simulation

With interactive, real-world tools, an immersive storyline, and great resources for students and educators, the Professional Selling Bundle prepares students for selling success on day one.

Consumer Behavior

Courseware + Simulation

The Consumer Behavior Bundle merges up-to-date foundational theory with real-world experience and skills, giving students cutting-edge insight into the minds of their audiences

Marketing Management

Courseware + Simulation

Stukent’s Marketing Management Bundle contains modules on branding, customers, products, communications, and technology, giving students everything they need to succeed in marketing management today.

Search Engine Optimization

Courseware + Simulation

With Stukent’s SEO Bundle, students will see the results from their work in five minutes, rather than in five months. Bridge the gap between the classroom and the job market, helping students learn on-page and off-page SEO, keyword research, link building, and other critical skills.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Courseware + Simulation

The Integrated Marketing Communications Bundle shows students how to build a complete, cohesive message that resonates with audiences. Students will learn to analyze customer demographics, psychographics, and geographics; craft positioning statements; select appropriate marketing channels; and so much more.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Courseware + Simulation

Give students hands-on experiences with every major analytics tool in the industry, including Google Analytics, Data Studio, Semrush, and more. With relevant scenarios and robust data, the Digital Marketing Analytics Bundle will prepare students to compete in a dynamic job market.

Email Marketing

Courseware + Simulation

Over 300 billion emails are sent every day, so it’s no surprise that email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment for any form of marketing With the Email Marketing Bundle, students will learn critical skills and best practices, including lead generation, designing effective email messages, using third-party software, and more. 

Content Marketing

Courseware + Simulation

The Content Marketing Strategies Bundle gives students a solid foundation in current content marketing principles. Students will gain powerful practice with generating leads, improving organic search traffic, increasing brand awareness, and creating loyal customers.

Market Research

Courseware + Simulation

Stukent’s Market Research Bundle makes it easy to turn students into market research masters. With the Market Research Bundle, students will learn how to define research objectives, develop surveys, use sampling techniques, analyze focus group findings, create surveys, visualize data, and so much more.

Marketing Analytics

Courseware + Simulation

The Marketing Analytics Bundle covers data technologies, web analytics, A/B testing, segmentation, artificial intelligence, and data visualization and gives educators the tools to teach using Excel, R, or Python.

Services Marketing

Courseware + Simulation

With Stukent’s Services Marketing Bundle. students will learn how to manage customer expectations, explore the Gaps Model, discover service design processes, analyze consumer research, shape a subscription service, and adjust service features to meet customer expectations.

Mobile Marketing Essentials

With over 29 case studies, this courseware provides real-world perspectives on the critical aspects of mobile marketing, such as marketing mobile apps, engaging customers, creating effective advertising, and more.

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