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Save Hours of Prep-work

These video lectures, recorded by author Jeff Larson, give you a turnkey solution to help your students break down the content of Digital Marketing Essentials.

Digital Marketing Essentials Video Lectures in the Edify Platform

Digital Marketing Essentials Textbook

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Teach All the Primary Digital Marketing Disciplines 

There are a wide variety of disciplines within digital marketing and it is vital that students become familiar with all them. Too often, there is a significant skills gap between digital marketers and the companies that want to hire them. Students who are familiar with digital marketing will be poised to take advantage of this and enjoy rewarding careers.

Enhance Practical Skills

With this courseware, professors are given the resources to upgrade their digital marketing course to teach the overlooked yet critical skills of search engine optimization, website analytics, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing.

Teach Up-to-Date Concepts

This book combines the fundamentals of digital marketing with its application in various business environments. Students will learn how to leverage organic, paid and social traffic, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of digital marketing on various platforms.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Digital Marketing Foundations

Chapter 2 – Web Design

Chapter 3 – Analytics

Chapter 4 – On-Site SEO

Chapter 5 – Off-Site SEO

Chapter 6 – Paid Search Marketing

Chapter 7 – Online Advertising

Chapter 8 – Email Marketing

Chapter 9 – Social Media 1

Chapter 10 – Social Media 2

Chapter 11 – Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Chapter 12 – Mobile Marketing

Chapter 13 – Digital Strategy

ISBN: 978-0-692-22688-9

About the Authors

Jeff Larson

Jeff Larson

Larson is a professor of marketing at Brigham Young University, where he has taught courses in Marketing Research and Internet Marketing since 2007. He received a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business.

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper

Draper has taught and mentored hundreds of college students on digital marketing as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Before founding Stukent Inc., Stuart founded the successful digital marketing agency, Get Found First, and he has hired and trained dozens of college students as online marketing interns and employees.

Mimic Pro – Digital Marketing Simulation

Mimic Pro – Digital Marketing Simulation​

Using a PPC simulation significantly shortens the learning curve when working with PPC ads, allowing you to spend less time teaching core principles and more time helping students get valuable practice.


  • Writing Targeted Ads
  • Performing Strategic Keyword Research
  • Creating High-Converting Landing Pages
  • Measuring Key Performance Indicators
  • Pricing and Product
  • Utilizing Email Marketing

10 Reasons to Use Mimic Pro

  1. Get tens of thousands in simulated ad dollars.
  2. Create and optimize simulated PPC campaigns.
  3. Make a mistake? Waste thousands? No sweat. It’s not real money!
  4. Prepare users for the real world.
  5. Practice A/B testing and conversion rate optimization.
  6. Do keyword research and plan bid strategies.
  7. Get significant keyword and conversion data sets to analyze.
  8. Launch multiple email campaigns.
  9. Learn by doing – read, then practice.
  10. Compete with other users to see how you perform.

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