SEO Bundle

Give Students a Unique Experience and Industry Perspective

Bring Practical Assignments and Relevant Experience into your SEO Curriculum

SEO Bundle Features

Mimic SEO

Mimic SEO is the world’s first and only SEO simulation.

SEO: Strategy & Skills

Written by authors in industry and academia for the most relevant SEO courseware on the market.

Educator Resources

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Simulation Certificate

All participants will receive an industry-vetted certificate.

Assignments & Resources

Assignments in every chapter give students real-world, hands-on experience. This courseware also includes over 100 instructor resources.

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Real-world Application

Give students experiences they can take to interviews.

Integrate with Stukent.

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An Interactive Simulation, Foundational SEO Theories, and Real-world Projects in One Courseware Bundle

Bridge the gap between the classroom and the job market! Set your students up for SEO success with “SEO: Strategy & Skills” and Mimic SEO.

All-encompassing SEO Courseware

Key Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the primary business function of SEO
  • Perform appropriate analysis in preparation for conducting a successful SEO campaign
  • Accomplish key tasks associated with SEO for websites and other media
  • Measure and report on SEO outcomes and make adjustments based on performance data
SEO Strategy and Skills Textbook Cover

80 Resources Included

15 assignments with real-world applications
(instructor and student versions)
15 auto-graded chapter quizzes
15 quiz review slides
15 lesson plans with prep recommendations and engaging class activities
15 chapter presentations (instructor and student versions)
2 student projects preparing them for an SEO job interview
Sample syllabus outlining course benefits and structure
Sample calendar to save prep time
Cumulative glossary for student reference

Give Your Students Real-world SEO Experience to Prepare Them for Successful Digital Marketing Careers

What Will Your Students Gain?

Mimic SEO Simulation

Your solution for giving students real-world experience, including:

  • Conducting an SEO site audit
  • Performing keyword research and updating meta content
  • Optimizing landing pages and applying on-site SEO best practices
  • Analyzing and selecting an off-site SEO strategy
  • Evaluating organic traffic data, ranked keywords, authority score, and backlinks
  • Practicing building backlinks to increase site authority and organic traffic
  • Managing SEO efforts with fluctuating budgets

Why Use the Mimic SEO Simulation?

Abstract Learning Objectives

Students Prefer Simulations

In a survey of 4,000 students, 87% of those who had used a Stukent simulation agreed that they prefer classes that use a simulation.

Simulations Provide Industry Experience

Getting industry experience is difficult in college. The Mimic SEO simulation allows students to practice SEO in a low-risk setting.

Simulations Save Prep Time

The Mimic SEO simulation provides students with hands-on learning activities. Plus, it automatically grades those activities for you! 

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