SEO Simternship™

World's First SEO Simternship™

Give Your Students Real-world SEO Experience to Prepare Them for Successful Digital Marketing Careers

What Will Your Students Gain?

SEO Simternship™

Your solution for giving students real-world experience, including:

  • Conducting an SEO site audit
  • Performing keyword research and updating meta content
  • Optimizing landing pages and applying on-site SEO best practices
  • Analyzing and selecting an off-site SEO strategy
  • Evaluating organic traffic data, ranked keywords, authority score, and backlinks
  • Practicing building backlinks to increase site authority and organic traffic
  • Managing SEO efforts with fluctuating budgets

Stukent Simternships™ — Redefine Business Education

Redefine hands-on education with a Stukent Simternship™! A Simternship goes beyond your average business simulation, giving your students the opportunity to put the concepts you’re teaching them to work.

A Stukent Simternship packs months of role-specific training into a single semester. Your students will step into real-world positions, allowing them to gain experience, master marketable skills, increase their knowledge retention, and yes, even make mistakes in a low-risk environment.

With Stukent Simternships, your students get a powerful, resume-worthy experience, while you get a hassle-free semester. Talk to a Stukent course consultant today to see how a Simternship can transform your classroom!

Why Use the SEO Simternship™?

Abstract Learning Objectives

Students Prefer Simulations

In a survey of 4,000 students, 87% of those who had used a Stukent simulation agreed that they prefer classes that use a simulation.

Simulations Provide Industry Experience

Getting industry experience is difficult in college. The SEO simternship™ allows students to practice SEO in a low-risk setting.

Simulations Save Prep Time

The SEO simternship™ provides students with hands-on learning activities. Plus, it automatically grades those activities for you! 

Additional SEO Resources

Chapter 1 – An Overview of Search
Chapter 2 – Searcher Behavior
Chapter 3 – Search Engines
Chapter 4 – Performance Indicators 
Chapter 5 – Crawlability
Chapter 6 – User Experience (UX)
Chapter 7 – Keyword Research 
Chapter 8 – Site Structure & Keyword Mapping
Chapter 9 – Content Optimization
Chapter 10 – Off-page SEO
Chapter 11 – Link Building 
Chapter 12 – Holistic SEO Strategy 
Chapter 13 – Local SEO 
Chapter 14 – YouTube SEO
Chapter 15 – The Future of Search: Amazon, Voice, and ORM

 ISBN: 978-1-7374823-2-1

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