SEO Simternship™

World's First SEO Simternship™

Give Your Students Real-world SEO Experience to Prepare Them for Successful Digital Marketing Careers

What Will Your Students Gain?

SEO Simternship™

Your solution for giving students real-world experience, including:

  • Conducting an SEO site audit
  • Performing keyword research and updating meta content
  • Optimizing landing pages and applying on-site SEO best practices
  • Analyzing and selecting an off-site SEO strategy
  • Evaluating organic traffic data, ranked keywords, authority score, and backlinks
  • Practicing building backlinks to increase site authority and organic traffic
  • Managing SEO efforts with fluctuating budgets

Stukent Simternships™:

Employ Students
in Career-Relevant Learning

A Stukent Simternship is a career-relevant, work-integrated learning experience that helps your students connect classroom concepts to real-world tasks.

In a Simternship, students become marketing managers, PR officers, entrepreneurs, SEO specialists, accountants, and more. They will interact with simulated supervisors and coworkers, perform realistic tasks, and build their confidence within the safety of a simulated environment.

Why Use the SEO Simternship™?

Abstract Learning Objectives

Students Prefer Simulations

In a survey of 4,000 students, 87% of those who had used a Stukent simulation agreed that they prefer classes that use a simulation.

Simulations Provide Industry Experience

Getting industry experience is difficult in college. The SEO simternship™ allows students to practice SEO in a low-risk setting.

Simulations Save Prep Time

The SEO simternship™ provides students with hands-on learning activities. Plus, it automatically grades those activities for you! 

Additional SEO Resources

Chapter 1 – An Overview of Search
Chapter 2 – Searcher Behavior
Chapter 3 – Search Engines
Chapter 4 – Performance Indicators 
Chapter 5 – Crawlability
Chapter 6 – User Experience (UX)
Chapter 7 – Keyword Research 
Chapter 8 – Site Structure & Keyword Mapping
Chapter 9 – Content Optimization
Chapter 10 – Off-page SEO
Chapter 11 – Link Building 
Chapter 12 – Holistic SEO Strategy 
Chapter 13 – Local SEO 
Chapter 14 – YouTube SEO
Chapter 15 – The Future of Search: Amazon, Voice, and ORM

 ISBN: 978-1-7374823-2-1

Hands-on Learning Without the Hassle

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