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Marketing analytics is a broad field and too many students lack the necessary foundation to compete in the job market. Companies report a significant skills gap between marketing students and the roles they are hired to fill. The Marketing Analytics Courseware hones in on this gap and gives students a more complete vision of the core concepts and practices throughout this diverse field.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and techniques of marketing data collection, analysis, and visualization.

  • Explain and apply the logic of optimization and attribution in marketing analytics.

  • Explain the terminology and tools of marketing analytics.

  • Apply the practical tools and techniques of marketing analytics.

  • Understand the roles of data technologies, data management systems, and data visualization in marketing.

  • Study and practice programming tools and structured query language.

  • Engage in social listening and content analysis.

  • Understand artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

  • Run field experiments in digital environments, including A/B testing.

  • Understand marketing mix models.

Mimic Analytics – Marketing Analytics Simulation


Spend less time preparing and grading and more time helping students build valuable skills. This unique simulation gives students hands-on experience, shortens the learning curve, and prepares them to compete in a growing job market. 


  • Cleaning Big Data
  • Data Integration
  • Cluster Analysis
  • A/B Testing on a Website
  • Strategic Budgeting Decisions
  • Analyzing Reports to Optimize KPIs

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