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Stukent Certifications Turn Today’s Students Into Tomorrow’s Professionals

Prepare your students to step into the workforce with confidence! Stukent Certifications provide your students with professional-grade, entry-level credentials that demonstrate proficiency, boost employability, and help students negotiate for higher salaries and better positions.

Stukent Certifications make it easy to set your students apart in the job market!

Built to Help Students Show
What They Know

Each Stukent Certification is vetted by a rigorous panel of industry experts and teachers like you. You can rest assured that your students’ skills will be assessed according to current industry standards and skill specifications.

Demonstrate Skill Mastery

Show employers that students are ready for real-world roles.

Professional-Grade Assessments

The 80-question certification exams were built by educators and experts.

Share Everywhere

Share certifications via LinkedIn profiles, resumes, ePortfolios, and more.

Celebrate Achievements

Each certification is a testament to students’ commitment to professional growth.


Certification exams are fully auto-graded, saving you time and effort.

Printable Certification

Students can display their achievements with ease.

FREE with Stukent Simternships™ and Courseware​

Pair a certification with your Simternship, courseware, or All-Access Pass for free!

Certify and Diversify Student Resumes

Certifications for In-Demand Fields and Skills

Stukent Certifications currently offers multiple professional certifications.
Certify your students as social media managers, entrepreneurs, sports marketing specialists, and more.

Skills Assessed

Skills Assessed

Skills Assessed

Skills Assessed

Skills Assessed

Skills Assessed

Social Media Marketing

Personal Finance


Sports Marketing


Introduction to Business

Trusted by Teachers, Endorsed by Employers

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