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Entrepreneurship Certification

Stukent’s Entrepreneurship Certification is an excellent way to help students prepare for their futures and build their skill sets and prepare for the world of innovation. 

Give your students the power to learn how to principles of entrepreneurship and work their way through experiences that are exclusive to start-up companies from the comfort of your classroom. With the Entrepreneurship Simternship, your students will be ready to take the vetted Stukent Entrepreneurship Certification.

Skills Assessed In the Certification

The Entrepreneurship Simternship gives students hands-on, educational experiences with key skills that students need in order to develop into successful entrepreneurs. Students take on the role of CEO for Buhi Supply Co., a startup backpack company. They have recently been accepted into the Altruistic Angels startup cohort which will help fund the business as well as provide training to help it develop.

Students will make important business decisions designed to help Buhi grow from a business idea to a successful retailer. Along the way, students will learn how to conduct market research, negotiate with manufacturers, set retail prices, advertise, hire employees, forecast sales and inventory, petition for more investors, read sales reports, and much, much more.

Market Research

Target Personas

Budget Management

Value Propositions

Product Sampling/Testing

Inventory Management

Investment Pitches

Securing Business Funds

Hiring Employees

The Power of Certificatons

In today’s fiercely competitive entrepreneurship certifications emerge as a powerful tool for students to rise above the crowd. The Entrepreneurship Certification combines theory from their up-to-date course with hands-on experience in Stukent’s Entrepreneurship Simternship. Your students will leave your course feeling confident to star up their businesses and change the world.

Demonstrate Skill Mastery

Show employers that students are ready for real-world roles.

Professional-Grade Assessments

The 80-question certification exams were built by educators and experts.

Share Everywhere

Share certifications via LinkedIn profiles, resumes, ePortfolios, and more.

Celebrate Achievements

Each certification is a testament to students’ commitment to professional growth.


Certification exams are fully auto-graded, saving you time and effort.

Printable Certification

Students can display their achievements with ease.

Meet the Advisory Board

The Stukent Social Media Marketing Certification has been rigorously vetted by industry professionals.

Learn more about the Advisory Board below:

Karen Freberg

The Bird's nest Agency

Deepak Aujla


Sam Hirbod


Leo Morejon


Alisa Agozzino


Bryant Hoopes


Trevor Erikson


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