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Stukent has been privileged to work with talented authors throughout the years. They have helped us to continue on with our mission, “Helping professors help students help the world.”

We are committed to launching courseware that is well designed, rich in resources, continuously updated, and powerful for both students and educators. We’re interested in developing courseware in the Marketing, Business, communications and CIT related subjects. We are now searching for authors who want to share their expertise with students and educators throughout the world.


Why Stukent?

Dedicated Sales Approach


Reach over 1,000 universities throughout the world instantaneously with Stukent. Our sales team will learn your product, learn about you, and attend multiple conferences on behalf of your textbook. On average our sales team closes 75% of all leads.

In-House Editing and Copywriting


Stukent offers in-house editing and copywriting services to make sure your textbook is ready to enter the market. Our editors will work with you to make sure your text reaches its full potential. Additionally, our graphic designers will help you create images, infographics and other visual content.

Educator and Student Reviews


Gaining reviews for your text is easy and fast with Stukent and the key to improving your text. We give free access to your peers for review and regularly ask for their review. That feedback will be used to update the text and resources 2-3 time a year.

Complete Marketing Plan


Each product at Stukent is managed by a dedicated Product Marketing Manager. They will cover everything from launch plan, email marketing, webinar announcements, and take the time to nourish your textbook throughout the years.










What Authors Are Saying:

Beth Donnelly Egan

“When I decided to write a communications planning textbook connected to Nielsen’s Commspoint Influence tool, a channel planner optimizer, I knew it needed to be an online book in order to maximize the integration with the tool. Being in the media space, I was also passionate about writing an online text to allow me to keep it as up to date as possible. I knew any physical textbook would be out of date by the time it was printed.”

“Having been an adopter of Stukent’s Digital Planning Essentials, they were the first publisher I spoke to. The ease of their platform and their passion for innovating in the online learning space made them my go-to partner. Lucky for me, they said yes. Publishing with Stukent has been a seamless experience with help and support along the way.”
Beth Eagan, Author of Media Planning Essentials

“It has surprised me how much I have loved working with Stukent during the past year of writing and launching my textbook, Marketing Analytics. I would work with Stukent again for three reasons. First, they have such a strong reputation as a publisher of new topics textbooks. Second, they really helped me as an author who had never written a textbook before. Third, they have been really fun and positive to work with. Fourth, they have a solid sales and marketing team; they brought over 300 professors to my book launch webinar. And last, the support system of copyeditors and managers has made the process easy to get everything from my documents into their online system. Stukent is great!”

-Brennan Davis, Author of Marketing Analytics

“Of all the optional activities that professors do, writing a textbook was the one activity I never intended or desired to engage in. But when Stuart Draper (Stukent founder) proposed that we co-write a textbook on digital marketing, two factors convinced me to say yes.”

“First, because Stukent was focused on digital publishing, it would not be weighed down with institutional bloat that leads to overpriced textbooks, which I deem to be unethical treatment of students. Second, the Stukent sales and marketing team is dynamic and scrappy, using creative means to generate positive sales results. The resulting textbook is something I can be proud of—a quality product at a reasonable price for a large number of students.”

Jeff Larson, Author of Digital Marketing Essentials

What We Expect From Authors

Our goal is to help Academia catch up and keep up with the rapidly changing industries like social media marketing, digital marketing, communications, web development, business writing and others. Therefore, the authors must know how to combine academic theory with real world application and industry experience.

Because we focus on creating courseware on industries that constantly change and adapt we expect our authors to update their textbook 2 to 3 times a year.

Our authors are encouraged to provide clear and concise content on the specified subject, which will help us cut out the extra 200 pages of fluff in most academic texts.

Our authors commit to providing a full courseware, not just a text. This includes:

  • Sample syllabus including sample schedule
  • Lesson plans
  • Lecture slides
  • Quiz and test banks
  • Learning objectives
  • Glossary
  • Case studies
  • Projects
  • Assignments

Ready to Find Out More?


If you’re interested in finding out more information about writing with Stukent, you can submit your course idea and credentials using the button.