Advanced Supply Chain: Strategic Concepts and Case Studies

A Strategic Framework for Your Upper-Level Supply Chain Course

All the Resources You Need to Teach an Effective, Engaging Supply Chain Course

Stempel's "Advanced Supply Chain" courseware prepares future supply chain professionals to make
strategic decisions at the corporate level.

Build Upon Students' Foundational Understanding of Supply Chain Concepts

Powerful Tools for Teaching Advanced Supply Chain Concepts

Deepen and broaden your students’ understanding of supply chain strategy with Stempel’s “Advanced Supply Chain” courseware! This all-in-one resource helps you prepare future supply chain professionals to make strategic decisions at the corporate level and within supply chain design and operation. 

For this courseware, Stempel created a new framework that outlines how companies can develop strategic supply chains, including steps for understanding the industry, creating competitive advantages, and designing the supply chain. You’ll get a full suite of educational resources to help you teach an effective course with ease, including case studies, detailed lesson plans, auto-graded quizzes, engaging assignments, and more. 

Table of Contents

Includes 100+ classroom resources

• 12 auto-graded quizzes
• Sample syllabus and course calendar

• LMS integration
• Stukent Instructor Portal

• Plus other instructional resources

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Keeping Content Current

The media and materials included with the Advertising Campaigns and courseware make it an in-depth teaching tool. The content is updated yearly so you can be sure you’re teaching up-to-date principles.

Support for Students

The Stukent Support Team simplify the learning process for students and educators. Anyone who uses Stukent courseware automatically has access to Stukent's support team to answer any courseware and technical-specific inquiries.

Chapter 1: Thinking Strategically About Supply Chain Management

Chapter 2: Enterprise Strategy

Chapter 3: Supply Chain Network Design

Chapter 4: Network Management

Chapter 5: Manufacturing

Chapter 6: Data and Supply Chains

Chapter 7: Supply Chain Innovations

Chapter 8: Performance Measures

Chapter 9: Organizational Design and Leadership

Chapter 10: Global Supply Chains

Chapter 11: Corporate Sustainability and Supply Chain

Chapter 12: Non-traditional Supply Chains

Coming soon!

Includes 100+ classroom resources:

  • 12 chapters

  • 12 auto-graded quizzes

  • 12 lesson plans

  • 24 lecture slide sets

  • Sample syllabus and course calendar

  • LMS integration

  • Stukent Instructor Portal

  • Plus other instructional resources

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About the Author

Picture of Nathan Stempel

Nathan Stempel

A native of East Berne, New York, Nathan has had a dual career in business operations as well as military service. Nathan is the author of Stukent’s new courseware, "Advanced Supply Chain: Strategic Concepts and Case Studies."

In business operations, Nathan is a seasoned consultant and entrepreneur. He began his career with McKinsey and Company consulting Fortune 200 companies, government organizations, and defense contractors specializing in operational efficiencies and portfolio strategies. Nathan left McKinsey to cofound Aulera, Inc., a venture-backed B2B SaaS firm that was acquired in 2022. With this successful exit, Nathan joined Blue Institute Labs, PBC as Director of the BLUE Excellerator to design a sustainable operating model and to facilitate the training and graduation of the second cohort of climate tech startups through the accelerator program. Nathan is now a senior consultant for Hidden River Group, where he advises government departments on how to create innovation ecosystems. Nathan also consults startups and small-to-medium businesses in scaling growth, designing their supply chains, and developing their distribution strategies.

In the military, Nathan has served 20 years in the U.S. Navy split between active duty and the reserves. He has served aboard nuclear-powered fast attack submarines and has operated in the Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans. He has also completed a security stabilization mission to Somalia. He has conducted multinational operations and exercises with Canada, Norway, France, Great Britain, the Republic of Korea, Uganda, the United Nations, the European Union, Somalia, Non-Governmental Organizations, and all branches of the U.S. military. He has taught as an instructor in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion Training Program and as a NROTC Instructor at MIT teaching Naval Weapon Systems and Naval Engineering. Nathan is currently the commanding officer of the Submarine Force Reserve Component EXPEDITIONARY MAINTENANCE UNIT out of Groton, CT.

Nathan has a master's of engineering in supply chain management and logistics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a master's of engineering management from Old Dominion University, a bachelor's of electrical engineering from Auburn University, and a bachelor's in human resource management from The New School University. He is happily married and a proud father to a 2-year-old son!

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