Logistics Bundle

A Practical Approach to Supply Chain Logistics

Powerful Tools to Teach Students How to Plan, Implement, and Control Supply Chains

Logistics & Transportation Management

It’s more than just a textbook! Clark and Gatlin’s “Logistics & Transportation Management” courseware gives students a practical look into the logic and flow of a supply chain. Students will learn the difference between supply chain and logistics; explain how logistics decisions impact organizations; think strategically about supply chain design; evaluate the end-to-end logistics plan for an organization; and so much more. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Plan | Requirements and Resources
Chapter 3: Orchestrate | People, Processes, and Technology
Chapter 4: Source | Plan and Orchestrate
Chapter 5: Source | Work Processes
Chapter 6: Transform | Plan and Orchestrate
Chapter 7: Transform | Work Processes
Chapter 8: Order and Fulfill | Plan and Orchestrate
Chapter 9: Order and Fulfill | Work Processes
Chapter 10: Return | Plan and Orchestrate
Chapter 11: Return | Work Processes
Chapter 12: Looking to the Future 

Key Learning Objectives*​

*Subject to change

Explain how logistics decisions impact the rest of an organization — financially and strategically.

Identify the tactical and transactional strategies that must be used to meet the overriding strategic plan.

Utilize the language and concepts of logistics and supply chain and recognize those concepts in action.

Think strategically about supply chain design and how it impacts risk mitigation.

Evaluate the end-to-end logistics plan for an organization.

Logistics & Transportation: Plan Implement Control


Students understand and plan the logic of supply chains.


Students implement knowledge to make strategic decisions.


Teach students to control and evaluate the end-to-end logistics plan for an organization.

About the Authors

Picture of Vicki Clark, D.B.A.

Vicki Clark, D.B.A.

Vicki Clark has been teaching and doing course development in marketing, supply chain, management, and international business courses for over 11 years. She currently teaches a variety of courses as an adjunct for John Brown University, Bryan College, Bethel University, and Ohio Christian University. She received her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in marketing from Liberty University. Prior to her transition to academia, she worked in supply chain for over 30 years for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial firms, and a quasi-government agency. Vicki began her logistics career as a transportation analyst, became the first managing director of an international freight payable company, a regional trade compliance manager for the Americas, a contract manager, a program manager, and is a Licensed Customs Broker and Six Sigma Green Belt. She is a member of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), and the Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA).

Picture of Brad Gatlin, D.B.A.

Brad Gatlin, D.B.A.

Dr. Brad Gatlin joined the faculty of John Brown University in 2016 as associate professor of management. He is currently serving as department chair for Undergraduate Business and the associate dean of the Soderquist College of Business. Prior to his move to northwest Arkansas, Brad served at Bryan College in Tennessee, where he held positions as assistant professor and associate dean of Adult and Graduate Studies. He has a bachelor's and an MBA from Bryan College and a D.B.A. in management from Anderson University (IN).

Brad teaches courses in the management department including strategic management, production and operations management, and project management. He holds certifications from the Project Management Institute and is a certified scrum master. He is currently serving on the board of the Christian Business Faculty Association.

Give Students Hands-on Experience

Prepare students to manage multiple clients and assist in navigating crises with Stukent’s Logistics Simternship™! In this 8-round simulation, students will work as an account manager for Cumulo Logistics, a third-party logistics company, where students will get hands-on experience adhering to outlined policies. They’ll also practice route optimization, drafting client proposals, managing logistics crises, and more.

In logistics, crises are inevitable. Combining the “Logistics & Transportation Management” courseware with the Logistics Simternship gives users both a comprehensive foundation and practical hands-on learning. This provides learners with a job-like experience in which they have ownership and risk-taking opportunities without real-life career consequences. Plus, teachers get all the tools they need to optimize their time and teaching impact, taking the hassle out of preparing a great course.

A More Engaging Helpful Applicable Option


Students explore the flow and logic of a supply chain and how logistics decisions impact organizations.


Students learn about current industry jobs that relate to the logistics topics they are learning.


Students can apply new knowledge to their classwork, internships, or jobs the next day.

Why Use the Bundle?

This courseware bundle is specifically designed to help students understand and master the skills they need to evaluate the end-to-end logistics plan for an organization. It also equips students with valuable experience in handling unforeseen or unavoidable crises.

Join the professors who have chosen to use Stukent’s Logistics Bundle as in their courses. Whether you’re currently teaching a logistics and transportation class or looking to build one at your institution, the Logistics Bundle will provide you with everything you need to enhance your students’ class experience, simplify difficult concepts, and save you tons of prep time.

Logistics Text and Simulation

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A Stukent Simternship is a career-relevant, work-integrated learning experience that helps your students connect classroom concepts to real-world tasks.

In a Simternship, students become marketing managers, PR officers, entrepreneurs, SEO specialists, accountants, and more. They will interact with simulated supervisors and coworkers, perform realistic tasks, and build their confidence within the safety of a simulated environment.

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