Email Marketing Bundle

World's First Email Marketing Automation Simulation

Bring real-world email marketing experience into your course

The Email Marketing Bundle


The Email Marketing Bundle includes a first-in-the-world simulation and continuously updated digital courseware:

  • Hands-on learning in multiple simulation rounds
  • Chapter lesson plans and lecture slides
  • Assignments and auto-graded quizzes

The Email Marketing Bundle is designed to make teaching a cohesive experience from start to finish, while conveniently saving you time. 

Bundles include the simulation and courseware that work hand-in-hand to provide an engaging learning experience. 

Up-to-date foundational theory and real-world experience is a powerful combination to prepare students to be successful in the job market.

Mimic Email Marketing Simulation


  • Choose effective emails for email marketing sequences
  • Schedule and organize emails in email marketing sequences
  • Select triggers to determine what actions will initiate email marketing sequences
  • Set if/then branches to indicate when recipients will be removed from email marketing sequences
  • Optimize email marketing sequences based on key metrics
  • Respond effectively to email marketing related questions

What's in the Email Marketing Courseware?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Email Marketing

Chapter 2: Designing an Effective Email Message

Chapter 3: Lead Generation

Chapter 4: 3rd-party Software for Email Marketing

Chapter 5: SPAM

Chapter 6: Email Automation

Chapter 7: Measuring Email Performance

Chapter 8: Email Marketing and Social Media

Chapter 9: Blogging with an Email Strategy

Chapter 10: Email Marketing Blunders and Successes

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