Media Planning Bundle

A Journey Into Creating Human Experiences

Take students behind the “how” and “why” of messaging placement with the Media Planning Bundle.

Media Planning Simternship™ Pairs with Media Planning Essentials Courseware

Stukent bundles include:

  • Hundreds of instructor and student resources
  • First-in-the-world simulations
  • Continuously updated courseware

All Stukent bundles are designed to make teaching a cohesive experience from start to finish, while conveniently saving educators prep time. 

Bundles include a simulation and courseware that work hand-in-hand to provide an engaging learning experience. 

The up-to-date foundational theory paired with real-world application prepares students to be successful in the job market.

Pair "Media Planning Essentials" with the Media Planning Simternship™ to...

Give your students experience testing and refining a customer persona

In the first and second rounds, students begin with crafting a customer persona-based off the key demographic and psychographic data presented to them. They are given opportunities to test this persona and refine it to be optimized for their target audience.

What else does the sim cover?

Media Planning Simternship™ Learning Objectives

In this simulation, students will:

  • Analyze demographic and psychographic consumer data
  • Identify the characteristics of a target persona
  • Select successful messaging drivers to elicit the desired audience response
  • Select successful strategic drivers during a target audience’s consumer journey
  • Assist a colleague in selecting their own messaging and strategic drivers
  • Review sample allocation plans, then analyze their metrics and select an allocation plan that best aligns with the target audience, messaging, and strategic drivers
  • Spend an advertising budget on optimal advertising media and vehicles based on a targeted allocation plan
  • Respond to questions from colleagues about media planning concepts

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