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This is a strategic management textbook and so much more. This turnkey courseware has a strong focus on the intelligence needed for making management decisions and is a how-to guide for planning and implementation.

Strategic Management & Planning courseware


This courseware provides in-depth content on the internal and external research strategic managers need to form sound strategies. It details the metrics used to understand when strategic intervention should take place as well as the metrics used to measure the success of strategies that have been implemented.


Corporate-level, business-level, generic, and innovative strategies are each explored, providing students a toolkit of potential strategic responses when making a multitude of management decisions.

Case Studies

Help your students gain insights by exploring the following case studies during your course.

  • Failed Ford Launch Case Study

  • Netflix KPIs Case Study

  • Ring SWOT Analysis Case Study

  • Starbucks and Innovation Case Study

Strategic Planning Emphasis

This courseware has a strong emphasis on strategic planning, including the role of strategic planning committees, yet it also details contingency planning, annual planning, action planning, and the skills and tools necessary for strategy implementation.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Managing Strategically – The Big Picture

Chapter 2: Strategy Playbook

Chapter 3: Assessing Current Performance

Chapter 4: Internal Research for Strategic Decision-making

Chapter 5: Market Intelligence for Strategic Decision-making

Chapter 6: Strategic Planning – Data Review & Synthesis

Chapter 7: Strategic Planning – Strategy Formulation

Chapter 8: Strategy Implementation

Chapter 9: Strategic Innovation

Chapter 10: The Planning & Management Cycle

Key Learning Objectives​

Define business strategy and identify its common types, including corporate-level, business-level, generic, and innovative

Define planning and identify its common types, including short-term, long-term, operational, strategic, tactical, and contingency

Establish common key performance indicators and describe their use

Describe the purpose of annual planning and how it fits into an organization's overall planning cycle

Identify appropriate targets and benchmarks for KPIs

Organize key performance indicators using a balanced scorecard framework

Describe common research methods used to inform strategy development

Synthesize data into meaningful categories using tools such as a SWOT analysis

Develop goals using the SMART goals framework

Describe the purpose of an organization’s mission, vision, and values and evaluate each against the current environment

Select an appropriate implementation model based on strategy

Identify firms using incremental, disruptive, architectural, and radical innovation strategies

Provide key strategies for managing through disruption

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