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The Survey of Accounting courseware adds a powerful toolkit to your accounting curriculum. Whether you’re delving into managerial accounting or exploring the intricacies of financial accounting, your students will embark on a journey that’s vital for individuals and businesses alike.

The text contains ready-made resources for you, including:

Plus, your students get an accessible, engaging text that brings complex accounting principles to life!

Together, authors Dr. Kay Stice and Dr. Jim Stice have more than 70 years of experience teaching accounting. They bring a practical, hands-on approach to modern accounting subjects, providing you with the resources to teach an authoritative course in less prep time.

Learning Objectives

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Purpose and Users of Accounting

Chapter 10: Cost Flows and Business Organizations

Chapter 2: Overview of the Financial Statements

Chapter 11: Cost Behavior and Decisions Using C-V-P Analysis

Chapter 3: Accrual Accounting and Transaction Analysis

Chapter 12: Budgeting and Control

Chapter 4: Internal Controls: Ensuring the Integrity of Financial Information

Chapter 13: Controlling Cost and Profit

Chapter 5: Receivables and Inventory

Chapter 14: Relevant Information and Decisions

Chapter 6: Property, Plant, and Equipment and Intangible Assets

Chapter 15: Capital Investment Decisions

Chapter 7: Long-term Financing: Liabilities and Equity

Appendix: Time Value of Money

Chapter 8: Analyzing Financial Statements

Appendix: Activity-based Costing

Chapter 9: Management Accounting and Cost Concepts

Appendix: New Measures of Performance

Includes 800 + classroom resources

  • 4 Appendices
  • 15 Assignments
  • 15 Auto-graded Quizzes
  • 15 In-class Activities
  • 1 Sample Syllabus
  • 1 Sample Course Calendar
    • Detailed Daily Schedule
  • 513 lecture videos
  • 116 walk work videos

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About the Authors

Jim Stice

Jim Stice is an emeritus professor of accounting at Brigham Young University, where he spent his career teaching, conducting research, and serving in administrative roles. He’s won numerous teaching awards, served as a visiting professor at INSEAD, and worked in executive education for companies such as IBM and Ernst & Young. Over his 30-year career, Jim has educated thousands of accounting students and professionals in person and has reached millions of learners online.

Kay Stice

Kay Stice is an emeritus professor of accounting at Brigham Young University. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Brigham Young University and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. He’s taught at top universities around the world and won numerous awards, including the Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award at BYU, which is the university’s highest teaching honor. In his 30 years of teaching, Kay has taught thousands of students in person and millions online.

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