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Strategic Communication Essentials Courseware

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Keep your curriculum current with the “Strategic Communications” courseware! With an authoritative text and hundreds of resources for educators, you'll have all the tools you need to introduce students to the communication ecosystem and infrastructure, research and techniques, master plans, and more.

The courseware explores the structure of the communication industry and encourages students to apply principles to real-world scenarios. Students will gain an understanding of the systems approach and explore writing, budgeting, funding master plans, and more. This courseware goes beyond a regular textbook, as it contains auto-graded quizzes, detailed lesson plans, engaging assignments, and other resources that will help you stay organized and save time.

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Don Dickinson

After an illustrious career in the advertising agency business, Don Dickinson spent the last 15 years of his career as the director of the advertising management program at Portland State University School of Business. Under his leadership, the program grew three-fold and achieved national stature in student ad competitions. 

Together, Craig Davis and Don have authored three other advertising and public relations textbooks, including:

  • “The Media Strategy and Planning Workbook,” 3rd ed., 2020 
  • “The New Account Manager,” 3rd ed., 2018
  • “The Advertising and PR Account Management Workshop,” 2017

In addition to the books listed above, Don authored a landmark book, “Advertising Metrics and Return On Investment,” published in 2011 by the prestigious American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As), exclusively for its member agencies.

Craig Davis

Craig Davis is a professor at Ohio University. He teaches introduction to advertising and public relations, strategic communication research, account management, account planning, media, and campaign management courses and more. He has worked for Saatchi & Saatchi New York and Arnold Worldwide New York, holding important integrated and digital positions.

Davis has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Pace University, West Virginia University, Clemson University, BBT Japan, and Bond University. He is also an expert in case writing pedagogy.

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