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Allison’s “E-Commerce” courseware helps you keep your course up-to-date with current trends in the e-commerce field. This courseware takes students through the essentials of online business, introducing them to strategy development, communications with clients, creative development, and so much more.

This courseware focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to the core functions of the e-commerce business model. Introducing students to the e-commerce channel’s partnerships and cross-functional support with supply chain, customer service, information technology, marketing, analytics, and more.

Real-world problems, competitive small-group activities, and insights from successful e-commerce professionals will help students stay engaged and excited about the material.

"I have been struggling for some time looking for eCommerce content for my course without reinventing the wheel. All the books I found were so outdated. When a colleague of mine who uses Stukent for our Social Media Management course said she saw eCommerce, I was so excited and emailed our Stukent rep right away. I really like the content of [the] text and the assignments are fun and relevant – exactly what I have been looking for!"

Jennifer Allen

Western Wyoming Community College

Table of Contents

Describe the technical terms and framework of e-commerce, evolution of the internet, and the driving forces of e-commerce

Identify how to effectively define the e-commerce marketplace, factors of e-commerce competitiveness, and apply effective conversion rate optimization.

Demonstrate how to prepare for security threats and how to solve them 

Describe the cultural and societal influences, legal factors, and external environment analysis in e-commerce 

Define the different types of goals and metrics of e-commerce analytics 

Emphasize the significance of the pandemic impact to supply chain, and the supply chain methods to support e-commerce. 

Demonstrate how to create an inspiring digital experience in the e-commerce marketing landscape

Discover the usage of CRM in e-commerce, challenges of CRM in e-commerce, and the management of sales in e-commerce 

Define best customer service practices in e-commerce, and customer data modeling in e-commerce

Identify the digital transformation in e-commerce as well the future perspectives to come.  


Essentials of Online Business

40+ Educator Resources

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Engaging Expert Sessions

Auto-graded Mid-Term Exam

(75 questions)

Test Bank + 4 Case Studies

(100 questions)

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Auto-graded Final Exam

(75 questions)

Case Study & Application Assignments

One per chapter, including:
• an industry report
• a competitive analysis
• a PESTEL analysis for one of five actual companies
• 2 article assessments
• 3 presentations based on research
• and a Google 4 Analytics certification

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Keeping Content Current

The media and materials included with the E-Commerce courseware make it an in-depth teaching tool. The content is updated yearly so you can be sure you’re teaching up-to-date principles.

Support for Students

The Stukent Support Team simplifies the learning process for students and educators. Anyone who uses Stukent courseware automatically has access to Stukent's support team to answer any courseware and technical-specific inquiries.

About the Author

Dr. Kyle Allison

Dr. Kyle Allison, renowned as The Doctor of Digital Strategy, brings a wealth of expertise from both the industry and academia in the areas of e-commerce, business strategy, operations, digital analytics, and digital marketing. With a remarkable track record spanning more than two decades, during which he ascended to C-level positions, his professional journey has encompassed pivotal roles at distinguished retail and brand organizations such as Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Dickies, and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

Throughout his career, Dr. Allison has consistently led the way in developing and implementing innovative strategies in the realms of digital marketing and e-commerce. These strategies are firmly rooted in his unwavering dedication to data-driven insights and a commitment to achieving strategic excellence. His extensive professional background encompasses a wide array of business sectors, including the private, public, and government sectors, where he has expertly guided digital teams in executing these strategies. Dr. Allison's deep understanding of diverse business models, coupled with his proficiency in navigating B2B, B2C, and DTC e-commerce and digital channels, and his mastery of both the technical and creative aspects of digital marketing, e-commerce, and digital analytics, all highlight his comprehensive approach to digital strategy.

In the academic arena, Dr. Allison has been a pivotal figure in shaping the future generation of professionals as a respected professor & mentor, imparting knowledge in fields ranging from digital marketing, analytics, and e-commerce to general marketing and business strategies at prestigious institutions nationwide, spanning both public and private universities and colleges. Beyond teaching, he has played a pivotal role in curriculum development, course creation, and mentorship of doctoral candidates as a DBA doctoral chair.

As an author, Dr. Allison has significantly enriched the literature in business strategy, analytics, digital marketing, and e-commerce through his published works in Quick Study Guides, textbooks, journal articles, and professional trade books. He skillfully combines academic theory with practical field knowledge, with a strong emphasis on real-world applicability and the attainment of educational objectives.

Dr. Allison's educational background is as extensive as his professional accomplishments, holding a Doctor of Business Administration, an MBA, a Master of Science in Project Management, and a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies.

For the latest updates on Dr. Allison's work and portfolio, please visit DoctorofDigitalStrategy.com.

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