E-Commerce Trends You and Your Students Need to Know

Dr. Kyle Allison

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Dr. Kyle Allison, renowned as The Doctor of Digital Strategy, brings a wealth of expertise from both industry and academia in the areas of e-commerce, business strategy, operations, digital analytics, and digital marketing. Notable industry experience includes pivotal roles at organizations such as Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Dickies, and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Dr. Allison has been a professor, mentor, and played a pivotal role in curriculum development, course creation, and mentorship of doctoral candidates as a DBA doctoral chair. He has several published works that combines academic theory with practical field knowledge, placing emphasis on real-world applicability and the attainment of educational objectives. Dr. Allison's educational background is as extensive as his professional accomplishments, holding a Doctorate of Business Administration, an MBA, a Master of Science in Project Management, and a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies. Dr. Allison is also the author of Stukent’s newest courseware, “E-Commerce: Essentials of Online Business”.


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