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Students learn how to develop SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. 

Prepare future entrepreneurs with planning and goal-setting. 

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Introduction to Business

This assignment helps students to apply the FAST list to become more effective in gaining or maintaining self-respect effectiveness.

Prepare students for their future careers in business with ease!

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Brand Management

This projects requires students to analyze, innovate, create brand strategy, and communicate where a company’s rapid growth came from. 

Teach your students how to analyze, communicate, and present a brand’s value.

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Consumer Behavior

This case study helps students understand how to build value in a risky time. This allows students to analyze the recently failed bank and understand where its branding could have been better.  

Teach your students how to understand, build, and communicate a brand’s value.

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Professional Selling

This activity will help students develop a seller’s WHY as if they were about to enter a position in professional selling.

The courseware is a powerful tool to prepare students to be successful in the modern world of sales.

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Personal Branding

Teach students the art of networking with this assignment.

The up-to-date foundational theory and real-world experience is a powerful combination to prepare students to be successful in the growing job market.

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Digital Marketing Analytics

This assignment allows students to practice the new and in-demand skill in Google Analytics 4. Give your students experience with skills they can bring up in an interview.

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Public Speaking

This assignment helps your students learn to control their nerves with the purpose of being present and mindful as they present and being the strongest speaker they can be.  

Teach your students how to become competent oral communicators in various social and business settings.

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Marketing Analytics

This gives students a chance to build out a relational database design.  

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Business Communication

Students explore how to become proficient business professionals through hands-on activities.

Learn about current industry jobs that relate to the principles they are learning.

Students can apply learning to their classwork, internships, or jobs the next day.

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