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AI Resources for Educators

When you teach a dynamic subject such as marketing, business, or communication, you know your curriculum can go from outstanding to out-of-date almost overnight. To address these changes and keep courses up-to-date, Stukent authors have included a plethora of new AI content in their courseware, including: case studies, assignments, discussion prompts, and whole chapters!

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Ultimate AI Resource

Business, Communication & Marketing

These three resources include prompts, activities, tools, and free assignments specific to the different fields of marketing, communication, and business.
Table of Contents:

  • Section One – Valuable Skills Students Gain from AI in Business
  • Section Two – Prompts for Class Discussion
  • Section Three – Class Activities
  • Section Four – Industry Tools
  • Section Five – Stukent Resources

Ai in Business Communication

Business Communication

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, especially when it comes to the way businesses communicate with automated chatbots, automated emails and replies, online ordering, and more. Further, the way they find prospects and sift through hundreds of resumes has also seen AI developments that allow them to sort faster and eliminate bias, but that can also increase the pool size.

For this assignment, read more to see how AI is changing for recruiters and complete parts 1-3.

Marketing Use Case

Marketing Management

This is intended to be an individual assignment. ChatGPT has taken the world by storm but a big concern is its impact on education, authorship, and the potential “dumbing down” of students and professionals alike.

OpenAI launched its generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot service, ChatGPT in November, 2022 and its website receives approximately 13 million visitors per day. From ecstatic user reviews to concerns about copyright, originality, and legitimacy, nearly everyone has an opinion on how AI will impact search queries, papers, articles, as well as works of art including music and images.

This assignment pairs with Chapter 9 of “Marketing Management Today”.

AI & Logistics Assignment

Logistics & Transportation

From attention on shipping delays to potential railroad strikes, supply chain is no longer a process that runs in the background.

With this assignment, students will look into how new technology has emerged as a promising answer to the tricky balancing act companies face between building resilience and flexibility while innovating to stay ahead of the curve (or the next crisis).

Machine Learning "Quick, Draw" Activity

Business Analytics

In order to demonstrate machine learning, hve your class play with Google Creative Lab’s “Quick, Draw.” This game uses neural net attempts to guess what a user is drawing. The game provides six drawing assignments and allows itself 20 seconds to try and guess what you are drawing.

AI And the Public Speaker

Public Speaking

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, and in this assignment, you will put your public speaking skills to the test with AI platforms.

This assignment is split into two parts. Part 1: Select and research a public speaking tool that provides AI feedback. Part 2: Record a five-minute speech about the public speaking AI tool you selected and
researched. Review the AI generated feedback provided by the tool.

ChatGPT Marketing Analytics Case Study

Marketing Analytics

This case study was generated by ChatGPT by asking a series of questions. It dives into how chatbots and AI can be used in marketing, including the ethical issues involved.

This assignment comes from the “Marketing Analytics”.

AI and The 'Uncreative' Agency


Many creatives may be afraid their jobs will be rendered unnecessary by the rise in popularity and capability of artificial intelligence (AI). In this assignment, you will put your creative skills to the test against AI! This assignment is split into four parts qhich require students to: