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Our promise is to keep your course current and give your students a competitive edge.


We collaborate with forward-thinking authors and gather feedback from industry leaders to ensure our Simternships™ and courseware reflect the latest trends and practices. Our digital format allows for swift updates, ensuring your teaching tools are not just current but cutting-edge.


Our commitment to staying current means rolling out updates every spring semester. This ensures you have time to integrate the latest industry changes into your fall curriculum. However, existing courses remain anchored to the edition assigned at course setup, which means a Simternship or courseware will not change mid-course. When creating a new course for a subsequent semester, educators can select the edition that best aligns with their preferences.


Traditional textbooks may remain static, but Stukent courseware includes an annually-updated digital text with embedded links, ready-made lesson plans, lecture slide decks, auto-graded quizzes, videos, and more. Current course materials will give your students a head start in their careers and make them valuable employees from day one.

When you use Stukent’s products, you can trust that your curriculum is
current with the industry’s current trends, best practices, and emerging strategies.

Higher Education Courseware


Digital Marketing Essentials

The #1 Best-selling Digital Marketing Courseware

Fundamentals or Essentials of Social Media Marketing

Essentials of Social Media Marketing

The Most Up-to-date Social Media Marketing Courseware

Market Research Essentials

The Superior Approach to Hands-on Market Research Skills

Modern Marketing Principles

Hands-on, Engaging Marketing Principles Courseware

Social Media Marketing

Foundation Courseware for Teaching Social Media Marketing

PR Principles

The Most Up-to-date PR Textbook in the World

Business Analytics

A Business Analytics Digital Courseware Approved by Industry Professionals

Business Writing

Prepare Students with Crucial Business Communication and Marketing Skills

Consumer Behavior

Higher Ed Consumer Behavior Courseware

Marketing Analytics

The Marketing Analytics Courseware that Gets Students Hired

Media Planning Essentials

The Ultimate Media Planning Courseware

Mobile Marketing Essentials

Prepare Students for Marketing in a Mobile World

Digital Marketing Analytics

Prepare Students with Crucial Digital Marketing Analytics Skills

Advertising: Selling in Today's World

Prepare Students with Crucial Advertising Skills

Marketing Management Today

The Best Way To Engage Your Students in Marketing Management

Intro to Business

Scaling Courseware that Helps Students Master the Fundamentals of Business

Logistics and Transportation Courseware

Logistics & Transportation Management

A Practical Approach to Supply Chain Logistics

Integrated Marketing Communications

Transform Your Students' IMC Experience

Services & Experience Marketing

Give Your Students a Mindset Shift Towards Services and Experiences

Crisis Communication

Anticipate. Navigate. Mitigate.

Business Research Essentials

Prepare Your Students to Make Sound, Data-driven Decisions in the Future.

Advanced Selling and Sales Management

Take Students Beyond Foundational Sales Theory

Professional Selling

A Guide to the Modern Sales Professional

Principles of Supply Chain Courseware

Principles of Supply Chain Management and Operations

Connect Supply Chain Concepts to Real-world Applications

Public Speaking

Learning to Share With Confidence and Purpose

Entrepreneurship Textbook


Guide Your Students to Entrepreneurial Success

Strategic Management & Planning Textbook

Strategic Management & Planning

Prepare Your Students to Be Tomorrow's Strategic Business Leaders

SEO: Strategy & Skills

Give Students a Unique Experience and Industry Perspective

Content Marketing Strategies

Promotes Student Success Beyond the Classroom

Email Marketing

Higher Ed Email Marketing Curriculum

Personal Branding

A Blueprint for Professional Success

Name, Image, & Likeness

Personal Branding Strategies for Student-Athletes

Personal Finance Essentials

Quickest Way for Students to Feel Confident with Their Money

Intro to Financial Accounting Textbook

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Financial accounting made easier for professors and more engaging for students.

Content Marketing Strategies

Promotes Student Success Beyond the Classroom


Stukent Digital Marketing Simternship™

The #1 Best-selling Digital Marketing Simulation

Stukent Market Research Simternship™

A More Engaging Way to Teach Market Research

Stukent Marketing Management Simternship™

The Most Current and True-to-life Marketing Management Simulation

Professional Selling Simternship or Simulation

Stukent Professional Selling Simternship™

The Most Current and True-to-life Professional Selling Simternship

Stukent Social Media Simternship™

The World's First Social Media Marketing Simternship

Mimic Business Communication

Stukent Business Communication Simternship™

Navigate Your Personal and Professional Career

Stukent Marketing Principles Simternship™

Enhance Learning with a Go-to-Market Product Launch Simulator

Stukent Consumer Behavior Simternship™

The First Consumer Behavior Simternship

Stukent Simternship™


High School Courseware


Marketing Strategies Courseware Logo

Marketing Strategies

High School Social Media Marketing Courseware

Mod Marketing Courseware by Hales and Maceno

Mod Marketing

High School Marketing Principles Courseware