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More engagement from your students. Stukent assignments are centered on current trends that are relatable to your students!

More time to teach. We've done a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so now you can teach class the way you've always wanted.

Supplemental material to fill the gaps in your course. This assignment series is free for you to use even if you aren't a current customer.

Looking for More Materials to Use in Your Course?

In Advertising Simternship, students complete an advertising campaign from start to finish, from building a value proposition and communications brief to planning media outreach. This unique simulation shortens the learning curve and prepares students to compete in a growing job market. Bundled with the Simternship, is “Advertising: Selling In Today’s World” your students will understand advertising’s role in marketing: its strength, weaknesses, and how to maximize the impact of advertising you create.