67 FREE Resources to Build Your Students’ Marketing Resumes

Instructor's Guide to Hands-on Digital Marketing Activities

Like many fellow instructors, I strive to teach my students valuable skills they can leverage throughout their careers. Reshaping my digital marketing analytics course with hands-on digital marketing activities in mind has significantly enhanced my course and improved student engagement. It was so impactful that I worked with Stukent to create this comprehensive list of FREE resources that other teachers can use to easily locate hands-on digital marketing activities relevant to their courses, integrate them into their curriculum, and deliver them to their students.

Identifying resume builders while planning your curriculum helps shape the course to be a valuable part of your students’ future career.

Once you’ve identified specific, relevant resources to include in your course offerings, follow these steps to further enhance your course:

  1. Compare free resources to your course to identify overlaps or adjacent topics. 
  2. Add and enhance the instruction of in-demand skills. 
  3. Share the list of resume builders with your students on the first and last days of your course, and tell them how these items will give them the type of hands-on experience and job-specific skills that most job postings require. 
  4. Explain that they’ll be able to include these skills and experiences on their resumes if they fully engage in the course. 

These resume builders will help motivate students to earn valuable skills for their resumes, making your course a foundational step in your students’ job search.

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Hands-on Digital Marketing Activities by Topic

Digital Marketing Analytics and Strategy

These resources give students hands-on experience in digital marketing analytics and strategy. The skills taught by each of these resources are foundational because they can be applied to all digital marketing channels.


Of all digital marketing media, websites often provide the greatest reach and the best  business insights. Businesses fully own their website design and can continuously improve the user experience. The following resources give students hands-on experience building websites and landing pages.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media and content marketing help a business understand and connect with current and potential customers. These activities will give your students experience with this important digital marketing area.


Email is a highly valuable marketing channel. Unlike social media, where the social platform is the mediator between the business and consumer, a business speaks directly to the consumer through email. These activities provide hands-on email experience.

Paid Search and Display

Paid search and display enables a business to rent visibility on platforms where their potential customers are active. Give your students hands-on paid search and display experience with these free activities.


Organic search is frequently the largest driver of traffic to company websites. A better understanding of organic search provides impactful insights for a business. Students can gain hands-on experience through the activities below.

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