Essentials of Social Media Marketing

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The Essentials of Social Media Marketing courseware is a hands-on guide to creating targeted, platform-specific social media marketing

Essentials of Social Media Marketing

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Fundamentals or Essentials of Social Media Marketing


Design Platform-Specific Social Media Marketing
Students learn how to tailor their marketing efforts based on the platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, X (formally known as Twitter), Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, or TikTok. 

Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy
Students will learn to identify a target market and create personas. They’ll practice creating a content and distribution strategy, optimizing social media networks and determining resources, roles, and responsibilities.

Create an Employee Advocacy Program
Students will learn how to develop employees as brand advocates, including best practices, real-world examples, and more. 

Practice Personal Branding
Students will learn best practices for personal branding, define their desired personal brand, and then conduct an online audit to assess where their brand stands currently. 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Chapter 2 – Developing Your Personal Brand

Chapter 3 – Social Media Marketing Strategy

Chapter 4 – Marketing with Facebook

Chapter 5 – Marketing with Instagram

Chapter 6 – Marketing with X

Chapter 7 – Marketing with Snapchat

Chapter 8 – Marketing with Pinterest

Chapter 9 – Marketing with LinkedIn

Chapter 10 – Marketing with Youtube

Chapter 11 – Marketing with TikTok

Chapter 12 – Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts, and Webinars

Chapter 13 – Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Chapter 14 – Influencer Marketing with Social Media

Chapter 15 – Employee Advocacy

Chapter 16 – Social Media Policies and Crisis Response Plan

Chapter 17 – Social Selling

Chapter 18 – Social Media Analytics and Proving ROI


About The Author

Picture of Michelle Charello

Michelle Charello

Michelle Charello, author of Essentials of Social Media Marketing, currently serves as Vice President of Marketing at an innovative Energy as a Service organization. In this capacity, Michelle is responsible for leading the marketing strategies to help energy-intensive private- and public-sector organizations unlock ambitious energy transformations. Prior to this role, Michelle spent over a decade in various global and North America marketing and communication roles for a Fortune 500 company — where she was known as a marketing expert, strategic thinker, and self-starter. Her professional highlights include holding a leadership role in an integrated marketing transformation, growing a global top 60 CEO’s social media followers by 260,000+, and managing an international online education program with 800,000 users. Michelle taught digital marketing at Bryant University as an adjunct faculty member, holds an MBA from Texas A&M University and a B.S. from Bryant University.

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Write Targeted Social Media Ads
Students gain experience writing ad copy to increase engagement and drive conversions. They test different promotional strategies to create compelling ads for various social media platforms. 

Perform Demographic Targeting
Students practice targeting various demographics through social media content creation and promotion.

Utilize Promotional Strategies
Students learn and use different strategies for earned, owned, and paid social media marketing. They analyze various forms of media and direct promotional strategies to maximize reach. 

Measure Key Performance Indicators
Students learn how to measure KPIs and track social media marketing success. They make data-driven decisions to continually improve efforts. 

Manage Budgets
Students learn how to manage thousands of simulated ad dollars and adjust spending to drive engagement and conversions on multiple social media platforms.

Schedule Content
Students practice scheduling social media content. They determine the most effective times to share content in order to maximize engagement and performance. 

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