Britney Wyatt is Stukent's July 2023 Professor of the Month!

Professor of the Month: Britney Wyatt

Britney Wyatt excels in her role as an assistant professor at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. Her expertise spans various industries, including radio, customer service, recruitment, and healthcare. However, she feels that her true calling has always been teaching.

“My favorite part [of teaching] is definitely seeing the students get this light in their eyes,” Britney said. “I love to see them light up and say, ‘That now makes sense. I know how to do this better.’ And then they do it better.”

In recognition of her passion for teaching and dedication to innovating in the classroom, we selected Britney as Stukent’s Professor of the Month for July 2023!

In 2012, Britney joined Bryan College. She’s held several roles there, such as leading the adult admissions and marketing departments. After a few years as an adjunct, she accepted a full-time faculty position teaching business and marketing.

“My biggest lesson has been learning that I don’t have to know everything,” Britney said. “At the beginning, I always felt that I had to go into the classroom knowing everything [and] to be able to answer every question. My mentor told me, ‘You don’t have to know everything. It’s okay to say, Let me look into that, or, This is what I do know.’”

In 2019, Britney assumed the role of coordinator for the Bryan College Institute of Leadership, Business, and Marketing. This initiative fostered a unique partnership between the college and a local high school, aiming to prepare young students for future careers. Britney’s efforts helped create engaging project-based learning experiences and educational initiatives, inspiring students to pursue their passions in these fields. In this role, she coordinated classroom experiences, introduced college faculty, taught dual-enrollment marketing classes, and more, leaving a lasting impact on the next generation of marketers.

As an innovative educator, Britney incorporates various Stukent® resources into her classroom. She utilizes a range of Stukent Simternships™ and courseware, including Essentials of Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Essentials, Market Research Essentials, Consumer Behavior, Modern Marketing Principles, and Advertising: Selling in Today’s World

“There’s a gap between the classroom and the work world, and it can be very difficult to bridge,” Britney said. “The Simternships create a great, safe environment for hands-on learning, so [students] can walk into the workforce and say, ‘I have done this. I’ve not just learned it in a textbook. I have done it.’”

Britney recommends educators take advantage of Stukent’s resources. The platform offers numerous tools to minimize preparation time, allowing instructors to focus on engaging students and facilitating their learning journey. Britney leverages the Simternships to enable students to learn by doing. She fosters collaborative learning by encouraging students to discuss their results after each round, providing valuable insights into different marketing strategies and outcomes.

“I had a student last semester who just kicked everybody’s butt in the Social Media Simternship,” Britney said. “It was a great opportunity for the other students to learn what worked well in the simulation versus what they chose, and [then] make comparisons.”

Outside the classroom, Britney finds joy in a variety of activities. She immerses herself in the world of books, explores the enchantment of Universal Studios and Disney parks, and cherishes precious moments with family and friends.

Each month, Stukent highlights a standout higher education professor who uses our products in the classroom and exemplifies our mission and core values.

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