Getting the Most Out of Expert Sessions

Industry perspective from a guest speaker can heighten the value of your course. Whether such speakers expand on the subject matter you are currently teaching or add content that would not otherwise fit into the semester, a subject matter expert can make a big difference in class.

Stukent Expert Sessions

Unlike traditional guest lectures, Stukent Expert Sessions are pre-recorded presentations that embedded into our digital textbooks, posted on our website, and available on our Youtube page. Utilizing these recorded lectures saves you hours trying to find the right industry leader to speak to the students on specific subjects.

Currently, Stukent offers 40+ free recorded presentations from industry experts on subjects ranging from digital marketing to social media marketing to visual design and more. Experts from companies such as Airbnb, Microsoft, IBM, Columbia and many others share wisdom relative to their areas of expertise.   

8 Tips for Implementation

Whether you are using Stukent Expert Sessions in your course or are planning on using them, following are eight ways you can help your students get the most out of these video lectures.

Tip 1: Prepare Students for the Speaker

As each speaker has a specific set of skills and professional background, before showing an expert session to students, encourage them to conduct research on the company and the speaker they are about to listen to. They can use the expert session landing pages to find more information about the speaker and his or her company.

Tip 2: Prepare Students for the Topic

Discussing the topic with the students before they watch the expert session will help them better understand the presented content. Encourage the students to further research a specific topic for increased preparation.

Tip 3: Encourage Taking Notes and Reviewing the Slides

Diligent note taking will help the student to retain the information they learned during the presentation. Note that the slide decks experts use in their presentation are available to students. If they missed something in the presentation and/or want to review on their own time, the slide decks can enhance learning.  

Tip 4: Make the Expert Session Quiz a Class Assignment

Each Stukent Expert Session comes with a quiz. Instructors can use this resource as an assignment students are required to submit. Quizzes can also be used by students to review important information they learned during the expert session presentation.

Tip 5: Engage Students During the Expert Session (for in-class viewing)

Use expert sessions as a resource to foster discussion among students. You can pause the presentation at any time and ask the students questions or discuss certain topics with neighbors or with a group.

Tip 6: Have a Follow-up Discussion

Facilitating in-class discussions after students have watched a lecture can help with content recollection and provide an opportunity for students to ask questions. You could assign individuals or groups to report on specific points the presenter made during the recorded lecture.

Tip 7: Encourage Students to Connect with the Speaker

After watching an expert session, encourage students to connect with the presenter. Students can connect with the speaker via social media or through the email, if available. These connections can be crucial for their future careers.

Tip 8: Assign a Write-up on what was Learned

Have students write a blog post of their takeaways from expert sessions. If students don’t have a current blog, refer them to this article for help on how to set one up.

Bonus: Here is how you can quickly identify and select the right expert sessions for your class:

  • All Stukent Expert Sessions can be found here. On the left hand side you can filter all expert sessions by topic.
  • After clicking on an expert session link, you will be able to view a short overview of what is presented in the lecture, a bio on the speaker, and more.
  • Note that all expert sessions can be searched by utilizing a search bar on the top of the page.


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