Developing Your Brand Voice 

What you will learn:

  • What is a brand voice and why does it matter
  • 5 D’s of developing a brand voice (Define, Differentiate, Decide, Develop and Dedicate)
  • In depth explanation of how to develop the right voice for a brand
  • The essentials of creating the right content for a brand that reflects the right tone of voice as well as a mission statement

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Speaker:  Liza Dunning 

Bio: Liza is a founding member and the brand creator of Scoutmob, a mobile app and e-commerce platform aimed to connect locals to the best of independent makers and local businesses. She developed everything from the name and company mission to launch campaigns and content strategy, as well as new product launches like Hand-Picked and Shoppe. She currently works as the brand writer and marketing content lead at Airbnb where she is proud to be a part of the mission to create the world’s first community-driven Superbrand. Liza acted as a panelist, speaker, mentor, guest columnist, and advocate for all things creative, entrepreneurial, local, and edible.

Topic: Brand voice

Associated Courseware: Essentials of Social Media Marketing

Summary: You will learn the essentials of how to develop the right brand voice.

Duration: 21 mins


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