Core Concepts of Paid Search Marketing


What you will learn:

  • How to determine the value of a click.
  • The anatomy of a search page.
  • How to figure out your break even CPC.
  • How to understand searcher’s flow.
  • How to setup your first ad campaign.
  • The framework for ad copy testing.

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Speaker: John Gagnon

Bio: John Gagnon is a Bing Ads Evangelist (aka “search nerd”) at Microsoft. He has worked for both Bing Ads and Google AdWords and is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences such as SES, SMX, and others. He has advised hundreds of clients ranging from Microsoft teams like Windows and Internet Explorer to small businesses like local garage door repair shops just getting started.

Topic: PPC (Paid Search Marketing)

Summary: Learn how to determine the value of a click, how to calculate your break-even CPC, and how to setup your first ad campaign. You will also be introduced to “searcher’s flow” and how that affects your campaigns.

Duration: 45 mins

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