Social Listening: What You Need To Know As A Marketer

What you will learn:

  • What is social listening?
  • Why it’s important for a brand to engage in social listening.
  • How to get started with social listening.
  • Tools for effective social listening.

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Social listening can be used for many beneficial things. Whether you’re monitoring your brand name, keeping tabs on recent customers or potential customers, or just simply contributing to an online community, social listening is something that should be done with all of the tools that are readily available.

Tori’s social media platform of choice is Twitter where she can get very specific with her hashtag targeting. It’s key that you don’t go too broad with your hashtags or you’ll end up getting left behind with all of the different conversations going on.

A brand can use social listening to seek out influencers within a niche to foster strategic relationships with them to grow the brand.


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Speaker: Tori McClellan

Bio: Tori has been working for IBM as a social business manager for the past two years.

Topic: Social Media

Summary: Have you ever asked yourself how you can possibly listen to all of the different conversations going on about your brand or topic of interest online? Tori is going to share some of her tricks of the trade as well as the tools she uses to help grow the IBM brand and social media footprint online.

Duration: 12 mins



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