10+ Resources to Improve Teaching

While some instructors have been in the classroom during what for many has been a “summer break,” once Labor Day has come and gone, schools across the country are ramped up and teachers are dialed in.

As you get back to the books and deep into lesson plans, we not only wish you a successful school year but also share the following resources to help you get the most out of your classes.





Many of you may have “attended” the Stukent Digital Summit—our first-ever virtual conference. During the event, held in early August, education and industry leaders shared a variety of takeaways that can really help shape your instruction.

There were ideas on bridging industry and academics from Scott Cowley of Western Michigan University and Atefeh Yazdanparast of the University of Evansville. We received advice from Brian Peters of Buffer about effective use of social media platforms—giving attention to video—and heard from Heather Dopson of GoDaddy that there is no such thing as a social media expert.

Whether you participated during the summit and would like a review or if you are learning about this resource now, you can access the presentations here.





Over the summer, we also added to our collection of expert sessions, recorded presentations by industry professionals that are available for your use. Visit this link to access the full library of sessions, which has over 50 recordings and counting.

One of the new presentations provides SEO and brand voice insights from Julia McCoy of Fresh Writers. In another, Matt Siltala of Avalaunch Media, speaks of making “the best content in the world”. Other new presentations include
• “Intro to Web Analytics” by Zach Olsen of Columbia Sportswear

Note that you have access to an overview of each session, a brief biography of the presenter, and the length of the lecture—all of these can be taken into account when building lesson plans. Also, each expert session has an accompanying quiz that can be used for added educational value.





It is good to report that Stukent’s connections with companies continue to grow.

One example of this growth is made apparent with “Data-Driven Decisions with DOMO,” a new course “that will assist learners in connecting, manipulating, and presenting data in a way that gives more than just ad hoc analysis, but that provides answers, incites action, and drives real corporate change,” according to an online course introduction.

This course is the result of a partnership with the data solutions company DOMO, whose clients include Mastercard, Univision, DHL, and others.

In another company partnership, Stukent has teamed with SEMRush on a new project that is available in conjunction with the “Digital Marketing Essentials” textbook.

This resource, entitled, “SEMrush Keyword Research & Content Marketing Project,” places students in the role of an intern tasked with handling content marketing for Buhi, a fictitious premium lifestyle bag company. For the project, students access the leading digital marketing analysis tool SEMrush.




This blog gives attention to some resources available to you, but there is more content where they came from—stay tuned to the Stukent blog for more ways to build better classroom experiences for you and your students.

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