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Jeff Larson
Jeff Larson graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University in 2002 with a major in statistics. He received a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics in 2005 and a PhD in Marketing in 2006, both from the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School of Business). His research examines contextual influences in consumer behavior and decision making, combining skills in psychology-based experiments and advanced data analysis techniques. He has been published in the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. He is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Brigham Young University, where he has taught courses in Marketing Research and Internet Marketing since 2007. Many of the nearly 300 students who have taken Jeff’s Internet Marketing course now work for top tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Pinterest, Adobe, Qualtrics, and Domo.
In his spare time, Jeff enjoys music and exercise. He sings with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and competes with his Crossfit affiliate.

Stuart Draper
Stuart Draper graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Brigham Young University – Idaho, where he was awarded the title of Newel K. Whitney Scholar. Years after graduating, he was asked by the university to teach web business as an adjunct faculty member. He has taught and mentored hundreds of college students on the subject of internet marketing. He has also hired and trained dozens of college students as online marketing interns and employees. He has been published on Search Engine Journal and his blogs have been featured on Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Roundtable. He is the founder of Stukent, Inc. and a variety of other web properties. In 2008 he founded Get Found First, a Google Adwords Partner company that has helped hundreds of websites, from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 100 companies with their online marketing. Since its inception, his company has managed millions of dollars in online advertising budgets. In 2012, Get Found First acquired In 2015, Get Found First was acquired by Perfect Point Marketing. If he isn’t in front of a computer, you are likely to find Stuart playing with his family or in the mountains somewhere. He is also fluent in Spanish and loves to travel to Mexico and Argentina.

Carlos Valdez (Spanish Coauthor)
Carlos Valdez graduated from ITESM in 1992 with a major in Communications. He received a
Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1996, in Marketing in 1999 and a PhD in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing in 2005, all from ITESM (EGADE School of Business). For his Doctoral degree he earned 24 graduate credits at University of Florida and he received the 2005 Doctoral Dissertation Award from the American Academy of Advertising (AAA). He has been a Visiting Professor at Florida State University in the Center for Hispanic Marketing and Chair of the Business Department at Keiser University. His international experience includes teaching face-to-face marketing courses and seminars in Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. He is a Lecturer Professor of Marketing at University of Central Florida, where he has taught courses in Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, Principles of Marketing and Marketing Strategy since 2010. Through his classes and with his students they have served more than 80 small businesses in Central Florida, and counting, with marketing projects. In his spare time, Carlos enjoys having fun with his family in recreational activities through Florida, especially at the beach.


A better way to teach a digital marketing course. The digital textbook is updated 2-3 times a year and is available on all of your devices.


Konya Weber, Northwest Nazarene University

“The materials dovetail so well with my personal lectures and take the students clearly into the world of S.E.O., Keyword Search and Google Adwords, explaining how to use these essential online advertising tools effectively. The links to case studies and the enhanced information gives good clear definition to this subject matter. The Simulations allow the students to fully integrate the information into their thinking. … The Stukent courses plot out this universe with great clarity, and have added important information to my course; useful to the students no matter where they choose to practice their trade.”

Joanie Abraham
Faculty Member
University of Michigan

erin-tomie“The Digital Marketing Essentials textbook was a perfect addition to my Internet Marketing course. The material was very interesting, easy to digest, and in depth enough to get a good understanding of digital marketing. The Expert Sessions were awesome, and really gave us an idea of what to expect out in the real world. Overall an amazing learning experience with Stukent!”
Erin Tomie of Queen’s University



caleb-weiler“[Digital Marketing Essentials] was very easy to understand and very educational. It was well organized and easily searchable.”
Caleb Weiler of Brigham Young University




celeste-paylor“I enjoyed using Stukent software for my Digital Marketing class! The two things that I found the most enjoyable are: (1) Being able to take the readings and notes with me wherever I went by just logging in from any device! (2) The online resources that were linked in the reading, that you can get access to immediately, better further explaining difficult/intricate concepts.”
Celeste Paylor of Northwestern University



leah-liss “I found the Stukent textbook to be highly informative, current and easy to understand. Additionally, I found the diagrams, figures and notes section extremely helpful as well. “
Leah Liss of Yeshiva University







1. Digital Marketing Foundations

2. Web Design

3. Analytics

4. On-Site SEO

5. Off-Site SEO

6. Paid Search Marketing

7. Online Advertising

8. Email Marketing

9. Social Media 1

10. Social Media 2

11. Online Reputation Management (ORM)

ISBN: 978-0-692-22688-9

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