Intro to Programmatic Advertising

Brian Stempeck - Chief Client Officer for The Trade Desk



In this session, a clear and understandable description of programmatic adverting is given along with examples and why it is important from an industry perspective.

I just watched this Expert Session: Intro to Programmatic Advertising. Check it out here: @stukentapp

Speaker: Brian Stempeck - Chief Client Officer for The Trade Desk


Brian is the Chief Client Officer for The Trade Desk. He recieved his masters degree from North Carolina University and has worked at The Trade Desk for over 8 years, overseeing many different facets within the organization.

The Trade Desk empowers buyers at the campaign level with the most expressive bid capabilities in market, full-funnel attribution, and detailed reporting that illustrates the consumer journey from initial impression to conversion. By maintaining a pure buy-side focus, The Trade Desk delivers on branding and performance for clients worldwide.


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