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A Helping Hand: How Stukent Empowers Women in the Philippines

After using Stukent courseware, women in the Philippines earned up to 75 percent more per month, and 71 percent of them have jobs today despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Stukent partnered with MGEMS Marketing CEO Michael Alfred to provide free, hands-on training for women in the Philippines. They used the Mimic Social and Mimic Pro simulations along with the “Digital Marketing Essentials” and “Essentials of Social Media Marketing” digital textbooks. 

Michael says training with the simulations has not only given the women real, measurable skills but also made work more fun. “When they started, it was a job,” said Michael. “They didn’t understand as clearly what they were doing. Now, it’s more of an adventure.”

After speaking with Gregory van Duyse at ProfCon 2019 and learning of the opportunities Stukent was providing students at the van Duyse Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute (VELI), Michael decided to facilitate a similar experience for women in the Philippines who wanted to make a living as virtual assistants and were the providers for their families. 

Michael challenged the women to use Stukent’s social media marketing and digital marketing courseware and promised to hire them for at least three years if they did so. During the three years, they are expected to continue using the courseware to sharpen their skills. 

MGEMS Marketing is a marketing agency that provides services ranging from social media marketing to web design and hosting. 


Melanie Turado
Owner of MGEMS Marketing PH

Melanie is a high school graduate, a mother, and the provider for her family. She grew up believing that only people with degrees could be successful. 

Until March 2019, Melanie did not have any computer skills, but she had dreams of gaining knowledge and expertise in social media management, marketing, web design, and video creation. 

Now, Melanie is a social media manager for and owner of MGEMS Marketing PH.  

Sheen Moncayo
Video Marketer at MGEMS Marketing

ESL teacher and freelancer Sheen Moncayo hoped to learn social media management, graphic design, and video creation. 

Now, she is a video marketer at MGEMS Marketing. “When I look back a year ago, it makes me realize how blessed I am to have this opportunity to learn and to start a new career,” said Sheen. 

Shiny Salem
Executive Assistant at MGEMS Marketing

Shiny is a college graduate, a certified teacher, and is now an executive assistant for MGEMS Marketing. She nearly doubled her monthly income after training with Stukent courseware. 

As a result of MGEMS Marketing’s success, it intends to continue using Stukent courseware to train and to open a location for more people to develop career plans. 

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