Staying Current: Annual Courseware Updates for Fall 2024

It’s that exciting time of year when we roll out our annual updates to Stukent® courseware. This year, we’re introducing hundreds of new resources and features. Our goal? To ensure your teaching tools are not just cutting-edge but current, giving your students a competitive edge in the real world.

In a recent Stukent survey, instructors ranked “maintaining a course’s currency and freshness” as one of their top instructional challenges. Stukent addresses this issue by annually updating digital texts, lecture slide decks, auto-graded quizzes, and more. We ensure your teaching materials are embedded with the latest industry trends and best practices, making your students valuable employees from day one.

“I really appreciate that all [Stukent] materials are updated to reflect what has been happening in the marketing industry,” said Sara Lynch, a student from Canisius University. “It has contributed to my understanding of real-world practices by explaining complicated processes in a simplified way. It prepared me for what to expect when asked to complete certain marketing tasks at my internship sites.”

How and When We Update Your Courseware

Our updates start with feedback from you — the educators. Every fall, our teams engage with hundreds of instructors to gather insights on enhancing our courseware. These insights lead to over 50,000 edits across our offerings, ensuring our materials reflect the latest industry trends and educational practices.

“Updating all our courseware every year is a major lift,” said Rachelle Maceno, Stukent’s VP of Content Production. “It’s no wonder we’re the only company in the industry to take on a project of this scope year after year. But it’s worth it. There’s no better way to ensure we fulfill our mission of helping instructors help students help the world.”

Courseware updates are released every spring, allowing you to integrate the latest content into your fall curriculum. This timing ensures that courses remain consistent throughout the semester, providing stability in your teaching schedule. Existing courses also remain anchored to the edition assigned at course setup, which means a Simternship™ or courseware will not change mid-course. When creating a new course for a subsequent semester, educators can select the edition that best aligns with their preferences.

“I have used Digital Marketing Essentials since I began teaching digital marketing in 2015, and my undergraduate and MBA students have learned a tremendous amount from this extremely well-written and organized book,” said professor David M. from the University of Delaware. “The instructor lesson plans have provided valuable input for me to create discussions, exercises, and case studies. I will continue to use this textbook as I teach digital marketing for the indefinite future, as the book makes semesterly updates and frequently provides new and valuable instructor resources.”

What’s New for 2024?

The major updates for your Fall 2024 courseware are now live and include:

New Auto-Graded Assessments

Check Your Understanding assessments and Strengthen Your Skills activities are now available in select Stukent courseware for the fall 2024 semester! These all-new activities bring turnkey, career-relevant activities into your classroom, allowing you to assess your students’ progress at a glance.

Check Your Understanding questions are embedded throughout the text and provide students with an engaging, one-question interaction to provide a benchmark for comprehension.

End-of-chapter Strengthen Your Skills activities are immersive, multiple-question assignments that ask your students to apply concepts in the courseware to realistic scenarios.

New Videos, Assignments, and Case Studies

These resources provide students with insights into real-world practices, helping bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

New AI Resources

We are introducing new AI resources that will help educators and students engage with cutting-edge technology in a controlled, ethical manner. This initiative is designed to enhance learning experiences while ensuring academic integrity.

This dynamic set of updates results from collaborating with forward-thinking authors and incorporating feedback from industry leaders. Our digital format allows swift, impactful updates, ensuring that your course materials are the most advanced in the field.

Explore the Updates

If you’re already integrating Stukent courseware into your teaching, these updates are designed to seamlessly enhance your existing curriculum. As you prepare for the upcoming semester, take a moment to explore the new features and resources. We believe these enhancements will enrich your course delivery and give your students an even more robust learning experience.

A screenshot of the Stukent updates page. It demonstrates a new auto-graded feature.

We encourage all educators, whether you are a current user or considering our products, to see all the recent updates and explore the possibilities for your classroom. To get a firsthand look at how Stukent can transform your teaching and students’ learning, visit the updates page to request instructor access and discover if our courseware is the right fit for your class.

To learn about Stukent’s first-in-the-world Simternships and courseware and to get FREE instructor access to Stukent materials, visit our website.

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