In recognition of her dedication to helping students achieve their dreams, we selected Tracy as Stukent’s Professor of the Month for October 2023!

Professor of the Month: Dr. Tracy Nickl

Dr. Tracy Nickl is an assistant professor of marketing at California Lutheran University who has over 35 years of experience in the corporate world. While her time working in the industry was rewarding, it doesn’t compare to being in the classroom with her students. 

“Seeing them learn, grow, and develop is the highlight,” Tracy said. “The texts I get telling me that they got their dream job or accomplished a goal they had, and the excitement they have after successfully presenting their research are my biggest successes.”

In recognition of her dedication to helping students achieve their dreams, we selected Tracy as Stukent’s® Professor of the Month for October 2023!

Tracy uses a variety of methods and tools to give students the best experience possible. She uses Stukent’s Modern Marketing Principles, Introduction to Business, AdvertisingMarket ResearchProfessional Selling, and Advanced Selling Simternship and courseware bundles for experiential learning.

“Stukent Simternships provide experiential learning that takes the classroom environment to the next level,” Tracy said. “I often let the students do a number of the rounds in class in groups so they can discuss the round and learn from each other.” 

Twice during the semester, Tracy asks the groups to give an “executive presentation” where they share what they learned in each round and what they would do differently. For the first few weeks of their learning, her MBA students practice with the Simternships in preparation for working on case studies with real clients.

Along with her passion for teaching and preparing her students for future careers, Tracy loves to ski, walk her golden retriever, and travel with her family.

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