Analytics Assignments

ChatGPT Marketing Analytics Case Study

Description: This case study was generated by ChatGPT by asking a series of questions. It dives into how chatbots and AI can be used in marketing, including the ethical issues involved.

This assignment comes from the “Marketing Analytics” courseware by Brennan Davis.

Machine Learning "Quick, Draw" Activity

Description: In order to demonstrate machine learning, hve your class play with Google Creative Lab’s “Quick, Draw.” This game uses neural net attempts to guess what a user is drawing. The game provides six drawing assignments and allows itself 20 seconds to try and guess what you are drawing.

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Google Analytics 4 Flood It! Assignment

In this assignment, students explore the popular mobile app analytics tool, Google Analytics 4, via a demo account. The demo account reports actual mobile app analytics data for the mobile app Flood It! (Android and iOS). Students should explore both the Google Analytics 4 demo account and the Flood It! mobile app to better understand how data flows from a mobile app into Google Analytics 4.

The Digital Marketing Analytics Client Project


The Digital Marketing Analytics Client Project was launched in spring 2018 by Kathy Fredrickson, Digital Marketing Instructor with the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. Since the project’s inception, 80 small businesses have received website and social media audits. The experience provides junior and senior level students with the opportunity to apply what they have learned by completing the Google Analytics Basic certification, as well as a social media audit. Students create a Digital Marketing Measurement Model for a real client. The Digital Marketing Measurement Model inspired by Avinash Kaushik (@avinash) from Google. The final project is presented to the client by the students.

Submitted by: Katherine Fredrickson, University of Wisconsin

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Budget and Calendar Assignment

Students in Megan Duncan’s Social Media Analytics course work on a social media analytics plan for a brand they’ve chosen at the beginning of the semester. Each portion of the assignment builds toward a portfolio of work for the brand. In this Part IV, they need to (1) create a budget for their brand’s social media spend, (2) choose the job candidates they want on their social media team within a salary budget, and (3) create an example calendar that supports their social media spending budget. These three parts all encourage students to think strategically about their decisions. The budgets are small enough that they are forced to choose wisely. To blend analytical and critical thinking, they are asked to justify their decisions in a proposal addressed to their COO.

Submitted by: Megan Duncan, Virginia Tech

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Queueing Analysis and Application Assignment

This homework assignment teaches students how to apply queueing analysis in a global supply chain management scenario for solving capacity planning problems.

Submitted by: Krishan Rana, Alabama A&M University

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Increasing Web Engagement Project

Graduate students apply concepts covered in the class to a personal website.

Submitted by: Michele Clark, Bridgewater College

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