Sports Marketing

A Winning Approach

A contemporary approach to help your students go the distance

Table of Contents


Part 1: Why Sports Marketing?

Chapter 1 – Understanding the Sports Landscape
Chapter 2 – The Power of Sports

Part 2: The Consumption of Sports Products and Services

Chapter 3 – Understanding Sports Consumers as Spectators and Participants
Chapter 4 – Sports Marketing Research

Part 3: The Integrated Sports Marketing Program

Chapter 5 – Branding and Rebranding
Chapter 6 -Sports Marketing Promotions
Chapter 7- Sports Sponsorships
Chapter 8 – Endorsements

Part 4: Finances and Economics of Sports

Chapter 9 – Pricing Strategies for Sports Goods and Services
Chapter 10 – The Economics of Sports

Part 5: New Topics in Sports

Chapter 11 – Women in Sports
Chapter 12 – The Changing Sports Landscape

Learning Objectives

By the end of this class, passing students will be able to articulate:

  • The elements that make up the sports landscape
  • How sports are used to evoke behavior, attitudes, and beliefs
  • Consumers’ participation in sports as spectators and as participants
  • Marketing research within the context of sports
  • How teams and sports are promoted
  • How sports-related products are managed and promoted
  • How sports brands are built and rebuilt (rebranded)
  • A general understanding of marketing objectives, strategies, and tasks within a sports context.
  • Sports sponsorships elements and sponsorship proposals
  • How to identify and leverage athlete endorsement 
  • Pricing strategies for sporting events
  • The economic impact of sports
  • The evolution of women’s sports
  • The upcoming changes and challenges within the sports landscape

About the Authors

Jen Riley

Jen Riley

Dr. Jen Riley is a sales professor at Kansas State University, where she specializes in sales and social media. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Riley was an award-winning entrepreneur and corporate marketing consultant. Outside of her research on the integration of sales and technology, Dr. Riley loves teaching and finding innovative ways to engage students.

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper has taught hundreds of college students in digital marketing as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University – Idaho. Before founding Stukent Inc., Draper founded the successful digital marketing agency Get Found First. He has hired, trained and mentored dozens of college students as online marketing interns and employees.