Professor of the Month: Rochelle Grayson

Rochelle Grayson
Marketing Instructor

University: Langara College
Location: Vancouver, British Colombia

Professor Rochelle Grayson teaches marketing courses at Langara College and is a program advisor and industry chair for The Digital Strategy Certificate program at UBC Saunder School of Business. During this time she developed the program structure, curriculum and content for courses such as Digital Performance and Leadership, Digital ROI, Digital Measurements and Digital Readiness.

Rochelle has spent the past 25 years evaluating the strategic, financial, and marketing potential of numerous digital projects and initiatives, and has led and launched several projects with both small and large companies including MTV, Mattel, Warner Brothers, Lush, Telus, HSBC, Recon InstrumentsCoal Harbour BrewingPink Triangle Press, and many more.


We asked Rochelle a few questions. Her answers are below:


For my Digital Marketing classes:

For my Social Media Strategy classes:

For my Marketing Communications Design classes:


When doing the simulations, share 1-2 tips after every week / round. This creates closer competition between the students and ensures that those struggling don’t fall too far behind.

Also, individual accounts tend to work much better for the simulations unless rounds will be completed in class. Getting groups to schedule round decisions outside of class and balance the workload can be challenging.

Langara College Campus


I’m an avid long-distance swimmer and jazz singer!

Connect with Rochelle Grayson:

Congratulations, and thank you, Rochelle!

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