Visual Media Marketing is a full course complete with projects, instructions, imagery, student examples, blog posts, video tutorials, rubrics and lesson plans. Most companies have discovered the power of visual content to capture, engage and persuade an audience.

This rapid shift translates into more careers for visual practitioners. Students in the Visual Media Marketing course will master the FOCUS design process from the Visual FOCUS digital textbook and implement these principles in graphic design, web design, digital imaging, and business marketing strategies. Students will use a variety of industry-standard design software tools to create a web portfolio of design projects and establish a media presence.

These skills greatly enhance all types of business, education, community, and personal pursuits.




The Visual FOCUS textbook provides the principles, tools and background necessary to be successful in the Visual Media Marketing course. Visual Media Marketing is the hands-on, learning companion to the text. It is project-based and provides step-by-step, video tutorials for project completion. We even created good examples of completed projects you can use as a guide. Using this integrated pair will prepare you to communicate effective visual messages to your audience.


Caryn Esplin
Caryn Esplin is an experienced course designer, author, faculty lead and trainer for the Communication Department at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. Esplin created the rapidly growing Visual Communication emphasis used by 24 different departments, degrees, and certificates. Esplin’s experience as a curriculum designer, graphic designer, and photographer make her a uniquely qualified author. She has authored three textbooks and personally designed nine courses.

Esplin earned a “Faculty of the Year” award for her excellent teaching ratings, innovative approaches, and curriculum design skills. Her students have earned numerous national awards.

Caryn Esplin’s academic experience includes a masters degree from Boise State University in Education, with an emphasis in Educational Technology, and a certificate in online teaching. She earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho in communication and an associates degree in interpersonal communication from Ricks College.

Esplin’s business experience includes owning and managing a publishing company and a cooperative consulting business with a tri-state distributorship. She has operated a graphic design / photography business for over 20 years and enjoys being a current practitioner who keeps her professional skills sharp. Esplin worked as an education reporter for KIFI Local News 8

Esplin served on a school board for three years and worked as the legislative chair for the Idaho PTA where she authored a bill in the Idaho legislature that reduced minors access to tobacco by 50% in the state of Idaho. Caryn Esplin is happily married with four children and eight grandchildren. She enjoys gourmet cooking and traveling throughout the world with family, friends and her camera.

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“The Visual FOCUS book is full of tools and techniques everyone should be aware of. How many times have you sat through a poorly designed PowerPoint presentation given by a professional? Visual FOCUS is for everyone, and would certainly improve presentations if the skills taught inside the book were available to more people.

There are many samples demonstrating the concepts discussed in the Visual FOCUS book. They are laid-out well, and easy to understand, both for beginners and advanced designers. Without hesitation, I’d recommend the use of Caryn’s course materials. She is a professional and has proficient knowledge of industry trends.”

Derek Miller
Faculty Member
BYU-Idaho Communication Department

“[Visual FOCUS] is a practical approach effective with students of a wide range of natural design talent or inclination. Many future communication and marketing professionals, in fact, will be expected to have design as just part of a diverse skill set. This course will prove effective for these functional professionals as well as those for whom visual communications will form the central part of their daily work.”

Lee Warnick
Chair, Department of Communication
Dean, Division of Language and Letters
Brigham Young University-Idaho


A better way to teach a visual media course. Your students need to know how to turn in projects to their boss that look good. Resumes, slide decks, word docs and PDFs, web pages, etc. This is a better way to teach a visual media course that your students will love. The digital textbook, professor resources, projects, and tutorials make it extremely convenient for you to teach a course in visual media marketing.

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