What is Visual Media Marketing?

Visual Media Marketing is a full course complete with projects, instructions, imagery, student examples, blog posts, video tutorials, rubrics and lesson plans. Most companies have discovered the power of visual content to capture, engage and persuade an audience. This rapid shift translates into more careers for visual practitioners. Students in the Visual Media Marketing course will master the FOCUS design process from the Visual FOCUS digital textbook and implement these principles in graphic design, web design, digital imaging, and business marketing strategies. Students will use a variety of industry-standard design software tools to create a web portfolio of design projects and establish a media presence. These skills greatly enhance all types of business, education, community, and personal pursuits.

Why you should bundle Visual FOCUS and Visual Media Marketing.

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The Visual FOCUS textbook provides the principles, tools and background necessary to be successful in the Visual Media Marketing course. Visual Media Marketing is the hands-on, learning companion to the text. It is project-based and provides step-by-step, video tutorials for project completion. We even created good examples of completed projects you can use as a guide. Using this integrated pair will prepare you to communicate effective visual messages to your audience.


Caryn Esplin

Caryn Esplin is an experienced course designer, author, faculty lead and trainer for the Communication Department at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. Esplin created the rapidly growing Visual Communication emphasis used by 24 different departments, degrees, and certificates. Esplin’s experience as a curriculum designer, graphic designer, and photographer make her a uniquely qualified author. She has authored three textbooks and personally designed nine courses.

Esplin earned a “Faculty of the Year” award for her excellent teaching ratings, innovative approaches, and curriculum design skills. Her students have earned numerous national awards.

Caryn Esplin’s academic experience includes a masters degree from Boise State University in Education, with an emphasis in Educational Technology, and a certificate in online teaching. She earned a bachelor’s degree from BYU-Idaho in communication and an associates degree in interpersonal communication from Ricks College.

Esplin’s business experience includes owning and managing a publishing company and a cooperative consulting business with a tri-state distributorship. She has operated a graphic design / photography business for over 20 years and enjoys being a current practitioner who keeps her professional skills sharp. Esplin worked as an education reporter for KIFI Local News 8.

Esplin served on a school board for three years and worked as the legislative chair for the Idaho PTA where she authored a bill in the Idaho legislature that reduced minors access to tobacco by 50% in the state of Idaho. Caryn Esplin is happily married with four children and eight grandchildren. She enjoys gourmet cooking and traveling throughout the world with family, friends and her camera.

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A better way to teach a visual media course. Your students need to know how to turn in projects to their boss that look good. Resumes, slide decks, word docs and PDFs, web pages, etc. This is a better way to teach a visual media course that your students will love. The digital textbook, professor resources, projects, and tutorials make it extremely convenient for you to teach a course in visual media marketing.

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Introduction: VISUAL FOCUS



Unlock the secrets Career boost Anyone can design


Defining the design process The FOCUS epiphany Memorize the acronym


Message: Identify one central message. Audience: Determine what will influence the audience. Sketches: Make sketches of your best ideas.


Shape: Organize negative and positive space. Proximity: Group similar items to create visual flow. Alignment: Arrange elements to create visual connections.


Asymmetry: Use unpredictable, dynamic balance. Value: Add variations of light and dark. Color: Control perception of hues and light.


Repetition: Repeat elements to create unity. Rhythm: Create patterns at intervals. Gestalt: Unify the parts to create a greater whole.


Evaluation: Refine the design through a critique process. Elimination: Remove clutter to simplify and clarify. Communication: Share your message with the audience.


ISBN: 978-0-9967900-6-2


“Caryn Esplin’s courses and her teaching materials have had a dramatic, positive impact on the communication program at BYU-Idaho. As the department chair, I enjoyed reading the glowing testimonials from her students on the end-of-the-semester instructor evaluations. Her success is hardly a surprise to anyone who knows her. She enables students to learn through clear, easy-to-understand instruction, a teaching approach that reflects her own skills as a graphic designer and up-to-date practitioner. Her Visual FOCUS book directly meets the demand for visual skills that is coming from nearly every aspect of today’s digital world. It is more inclusive than traditional communication textbooks, a blend of business, computer technology, communication and art. Anyone who is searching for excellent instruction in visual communication owes it to themselves, and to their students, to look closely at this book.“ Ron Bennett Department of Communication chairman Brigham Young University-Idaho

“Communicating visually through graphic design has the tendency to get highly theoretical very quickly. Caryn Esplin’s “Visual FOCUS” cuts through the jargon to give new designers tactical skills to make all kinds of design work more successful right away. Readers are presented with an extremely understandable set of “keys” that they can access and apply right away. Caryn avoids highly technical language as she introduces good design principles and offers concrete examples, both good and bad, of each principle that readers can easily relate to. New designers can get started improving their work right away and seasoned designers can learn something new. It’s no surprise that “Visual FOCUS” has been such a success among students and instructors alike; Caryn has designed a number of courses that utilize cutting-edge teaching technologies and focus on student-centered learning. As a student, I enjoyed learning under her stewardship, experiencing her courses on the ground-level. Now, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Visual Communications, a course designed by Caryn, and witnessing the first-hand difference it makes in the lives of countless online web design and development students. From an instructor’s perspective, the instructional materials are easy to follow and implement with clear guidance and direction while offering enough room to explore individual teaching methods. And students respond with tremendous applause to the unique course design, finding Visual Communications to be clearly organized with excellent instruction and exciting activities and projects. Caryn uses a variety of teaching mediums to ensure that every learning style finds the content understandable and useful. Students tell me time and time again that Visual Communications is one of the most useful and practical courses they have taken in their program!” Emily Kunz Online Course Lead BYU-Idaho Online Faculty


I first met Caryn Esplin twelve years ago when I enrolled in her introductory Visual Media course at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I knew after the first day of class that I could end my search for my college major. The dedication and expertise that Caryn offered was beyond the commitment of any professor I had ever had. Visual Media and Visual FOCUS are the foundation to my career! My career has included online teaching through BYU-Idaho’s online program, corporate design, and freelance design. Visual Focus teaches students to apply smart marketing skills to their designs in a tasteful appearance that will attract their audience! Jason Stucki Online Course Lead BYU-Idaho Online Faculty


“The Visual FOCUS book has been my favorite academic book purchased. That book was the reason I changed my major and stuck with it. The way it’s designed and explains things made so much sense to me. I felt like I really had potential to be a designer after reading this book. Thanks for changing my life!“ Alexa Schulte Brigham Young University-Idaho

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“The Visual FOCUS book helped me learn design in such an easy and fun way. I was able not to just learn the basic principles of design but also apply them in my compositions. This book gave me the basis to start developing and improve my design skills.” Gerardo Sumano Brigham Young University – Idaho


“I love the Visual FOCUS book. The text is written in a simple and straightforward manner. It covers a lot of the basic principles for design, has lots of examples and is very easy to understand for anyone who wants to learn graphic design. The best thing about the book is that it’s constantly being updated to catch up with of the changing trends of graphic design.” Douglas Phan Brigham Young University – Idaho