Marketing Teachers get the First Look at Five New Cutting-edge Simulations

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Stukent is on a mission to help educators help students help the world.

On June 25, 2021, Stukent is releasing five, new and improved simulations for higher education: 

  • Mimic Advertising
  • Mimic Marketing Management
  • Mimic Personal Finance
  • Mimic Pro
  • Mimic Social

Stukent simulations offer instructors a comprehensive way of teaching a subject’s core principles and allow students to apply them through scenarios based on real-world experiences.

Mimic Advertising

Mimic Advertising presents students with experience in all the major stages of an advertising campaign. From analyzing psychographic consumer data to planning effective media outreach, this simulation equips professors with real-world classroom experiences. “Mimic Advertising will revolutionize the way you teach advertising,” says Stukent Product Marketing Manager Chad Gray. “It gives you the ability to have your students act on the things you’re teaching them in class. It solidifies the concepts through action. With things like auto-grading and feedback, you’ll be able to do things much easier with Mimic Advertising.”

To learn more about, and request access to Mimic Advertising, click below.

Mimic Marketing Management

Mimic Marketing Management simulation provides an engaging storyline that allows students to make strategic marketing decisions while managing multiple brands. “Mimic Marketing Management is a very realistic simulation reflecting real-world situations,” says Terry Sullivan, author of the companion courseware “Marketing Management Today.” “The student is placed in the role of an Assistant Marketing Manager who gains a promotion and is faced with increasing responsibility. Along the way, the student has to reflect on the course material, think critically, and apply that knowledge through a series of decision-making scenarios. I can’t think of a better way for students to learn or a better resource to help ease the burden for today’s busy instructors.”

Teachers can request instructor access and review the key learning objectives for this simulation.

Mimic Personal Finance

Mimic Personal Finance is unique in that it provides students with decision-based learning in which they are faced with real outcomes based on their financial choices. “Mimic Personal Finance goes beyond simple gamification,” says Brian Bean, the simulation’s creator. “By leveraging students’ real-world wants and needs to make in-sim opportunity costs real with every decision, Mimic Personal Finance realifies the user experience for a game-changing, engaging application component for any financial literacy or money management course.”

Mimic Pro

Mimic Pro is known as the world’s No. 1 digital marketing simulation. As Stukent keeps simulations up to date for today’s market, Mimic Pro now delivers a fresher marketing scenario with added concepts for an even better and well-rounded digital marketing experience. “We’ve taken the number one digital marketing simulation for higher education and have made it even better,” says Stukent Product Marketing Manager Virgil Ricks. “With a new interface, improved storyline, and updated interactions, students and professors are going to love Mimic Pro even more.”


Teachers can request access and learn more about the new and improved Mimic Pro by clicking the button below.

Mimic Social

Mimic Social is designed for students to master the full scope of applying social media marketing best practices to their content creation. The popular simulation has now been renovated with new content and learning objectives to offer students with up-to-date and effective true-to-life scenarios. “Classic Mimic Social was the world’s first social media marketing simulation, but the new Mimic Social is the world’s best,” says Kelton Brough, the Product Marketing Manager for Mimic Social. “We’ve worked hard to mimic the actual look and feel of ad management and organic posting platforms across social’s major channels. All of our algorithm changes center on current social media best practices and we’ve clearly defined different career paths in social media marketing for your students to explore. The new Mimic Social is a safe simulated environment to get practice making real and impactful decisions.


Teachers can request instructor access and review the key learning objectives for this simulation.

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