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Mimic Personal Finance Facebook Group

Prepare yourself to teach social media marketing by collaborating with 800+ high school business teachers from all over the country.

Connect with other MPF instructors to learn best practices in using the simulation in your personal finance class.


ProfCon 2020 Recap

We recently hosted ProfCon 2020! ProfCon is a conference for digital marketing professors, and there were some great takeaways for high school teachers as well.

For a limited time, you can purchase the recordings for just $47 to get access to resources and ideas to keep your course relevant.

Power up your teaching skills during this half-day virtual conference event!

On August 7, join the Stukent education community for presentations given on everything from digital and social media marketing topics to course structure and optimization tips.

Get Hands-on Training with Mimic Simulations

Register for a week of training webinars to be fully immersed in different aspects of Mimic Personal Finance.

Share Your Perspective

Take this 2-minute survey to share your perspective on COVID-19’s effect on education, so our team can provide the most useful resources for the upcoming school year.


Learn how project-based learning and digital storytelling mix when you use a simulation in your classroom!

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A classroom full of students

These eight strategies will help you increase student engagement in your classroom!

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Mr. John Dudley is a financial literacy teacher at East Side High School, the largest high school in the city of Newark, NJ.  He has taught for 25 years in the Newark public schools, teaching grades 3–12 over the years. 


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Catch up on industry updates, new trends in digital marketing, and even download a free assignment!


Learn why relatability, novelty, fluency, and tension are key parts to telling great stories from Joe Lazauskas!

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Join Alex Oliveira as he explains what he thinks all companies should do during a pandemic to acquire new customers.

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