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August 16, 2019 (Friday)




University of Louisville

Title: Embracing Our Inner Influencer: How educators can use social media for personal branding?

Description: The bridge between industry and academia continues to grow stronger, but one of the areas that need further discussion is the role influencers have in the world of education. Influencers are not new to social media practices, but the concept of how a professor could become an eduinfluencer is. Many professors do not realize the opportunity they have to brand their classes, utilize social media to make connections in the industry, and formulate new relationships and partnerships with other brands outside of their original viewpoint. This presentation will showcase best practices, applications, and case studies of how educators can become influencers in their own space as well as in the industry.


Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Title: To Be Announced… 

Description: Coming soon…


Shepherd University

Title: How to Teach Students to use Facebook Audience Insights to Build an Audience Persona

Description:Audience personas are used by marketing and public relations professionals to get to know a target audience. This presentation will show professors how their students can use the free Facebook Audience Insights tool as a launching point for developing data-driven audience personas. Step-by-step instructions and an activity sheet are provided.

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Canisius College

Title: An Agency’s Perspective: Top 10 Digital Skills Your Grads Must Have

Description: Coming soon…


West Virginia University

Title: Are Students Hearing What You’re Saying?

Description:Join award-winning marketer and educator, Leo Morejon, as he talks about using audio in the classroom. We’re in the golden age of audio because it’s natural, efficient, and it provides meaningful connections between speakers and their audiences. Leo will cover how to use audio in your classroom to build deeper, more meaningful connections with your students and make an impact on their progress.


Power up your teaching skills during this one-day virtual conference event! There will be presentations given on everything from digital and social media marketing topics to course structure and optimization tips. You’ll join the rest of the Stukent education community online at this exciting event!


To provide you with the resources, tools, content, and connections to successfully teach a digital/social media marketing course – all in one day!

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