Teach Learn Practice Skills that Empower the Next Generation of Supply Chain Professionals

August 18, 2023 | Noon EDT


Teach Learn Practice Skills that Empower the
Next Generation of Supply Chain Professionals

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During this three-hour event, you’ll learn best practices, techniques, tips, and tricks from industry and academic experts. Packed with actionable ideas, you can’t afford to miss this summit!

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Session 1

Danaka Porter, M.ENG.
Danaka Porter, M.ENG.Author of "Principles of Supply Chain and Operations Management" and Regional Managing Partner at IOTA Consultants
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Exploring New Opportunities and Challenges: The Impact of AI on Supply Chain Management
Session Description

In this session, Danaka Porter will address how AI and machine learning will improve supply chain, potential challenges that may arise, and how best to use this new technology to support managing supply chains.

Speaker Bio

Danaka obtained her master’s of engineering from MIT in systems and supply chain — which is just a fancy way of saying algorithm writing and process optimization. She is a partner at iota consulting, a management consulting firm, where she works in supply chain, project management, and data analytics in heavy manufacturing and technology.

Her work often ensures that Navy and Coast Guard vessels have the correct gear. She also writes predictive algorithms for oil and gas companies and optimizes the supply chain of a global mine. Danaka is also a sessional lecturer at the Dhillon School of Business, where she teaches supply chain and project management.

Danaka is a cofounder and the COO of VitaNova Tech, a fertility company. She wrote the algorithms to better match surrogates and egg donors with intended parents.

Additionally, Danaka is completing her Ph.D. in cardiology at the Cumming School of Medicine, where she is using machine learning to help predict sudden cardiac death (SCD) by rewriting the algorithms used to find certain markers. Danaka sits on the Training and Education Committee for the Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada, where she educates Ph.D.s, trainees, doctors, and healthcare workers in implementing and using technology in cardiac care.

She also sits on the board of motionball, a national fundraising committee dedicated to raising money for the Special Olympics. She looks after a variety of animals as an animal foster parent for her local Humane Society. Danaka routinely mentors high school and university students, helping them to find their passions. She is also an educational counselor with MIT, where she works with admissions to find the best applicants that align with MIT’s mission. She is a certified coach and helps those she works with to achieve their goals and dreams.

Session 2

Dr. Rodolfo Santamaria
Dr. Rodolfo SantamariaAcademic Program Manager at Western Governors University
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21st Century Supply Chain: A View of Logistics, Distribution, and Transportation
Session Description
This session will explore the current state and trends of the Supply Chain Functions, and some labor statistics for the years to come.
Speaker Bio

Dr. Rodolfo Santamaria is a highly experienced senior executive with over 35 years of experience leading business transformations, strategy development, operations management, IT, and supply chain. He holds a Ph.D. in business administration specializing in aviation management, an MBA, and a bachelor’s in international business. Rodolfo has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Stanley Black and Decker, John Hopkins, Johnson Controls/Tyco, ADT and more, as well as higher education institutions, and private equity organizations. He is well-versed in change management, innovation, business transformation, supply chain, D&I, HR, ESG, Lean Six Sigma/continuous improvement, academic programs, course development, IT, sales support, and holistic efficiencies.
Rodolfo is also a lecturer, program director, and researcher with over 12 years of experience in remote and in-person instruction. He is multilingual and multicultural, proficient in English, Spanish, and basic Portuguese.

Navigating Supply Chain Resilience in an Era of Uncertainty

Panel Discussion

Vicki Clark, D.B.A.

Author of "Logistics & Management Transportation" and Adjunct Professor

Nathan Stempel, M.ENG.

Author of "Advanced Supply Chain: Strategic Concepts and Case Studies" and Senior Consultant for Hidden River Group

Lisa Goolsby, Ph.D.

CEO at Impact Strategic Marketing Insights and CEO and Owner at Wired Coffee Bar

Session Description

Join Vicki Clark, Ph.D., Nathan Stempel, M. Eng., and Lisa Goolsby, Ph. D., as they look at the current state of supply chain and talk about levaraging data analytics, sustainability and future-proofing supply chains.

Vicki Clark Bio

Vicki Clark has been teaching and doing course development in marketing, supply chain, management, and international business courses for over 11 years. She currently teaches a variety of courses as an adjunct for John Brown University, Bryan College, Bethel University, and Ohio Christian University. She received her Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in marketing from Liberty University.

Prior to her transition to academia, she worked in supply chain for more than 30 years at Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial firms, and a quasi-government agency. Vicki began her logistics career as a transportation analyst, then became the first managing director of an international freight payable company; next, she was regional trade compliance manager for the Americas; a contract manager; a program manager; and she is a licensed customs broker and Six Sigma green belt. She is a member of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), and the Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA).

Nathan Stempel Bio

A native of East Berne, New York, Nathan has had a dual career in business operations as well as military service. Nathan is the author of Stukent’s new courseware, “Advanced Supply Chain: Strategic Concepts and Case Studies.”

In business operations, Nathan is a seasoned consultant and entrepreneur. He began his career with McKinsey and Company consulting Fortune 200 companies, government organizations, and defense contractors specializing in operational efficiencies and portfolio strategies. Nathan left McKinsey to cofound Aulera, Inc., a venture-backed B2B SaaS firm that was acquired in 2022. With this successful exit, Nathan joined Blue Institute Labs, PBC as Director of the BLUE Excellerator to design a sustainable operating model and to facilitate the training and graduation of the second cohort of climate tech startups through the accelerator program. Nathan is now a senior consultant for Hidden River Group, where he advises government departments on how to create innovation ecosystems. Nathan also consults startups and small-to-medium businesses in scaling growth, designing their supply chains, and developing their distribution strategies.

In the military, Nathan has served 20 years in the U.S. Navy split between active duty and the reserves. He has served aboard nuclear-powered fast attack submarines and has operated in the Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans. He has also completed a security stabilization mission to Somalia. He has conducted multinational operations and exercises with Canada, Norway, France, Great Britain, the Republic of Korea, Uganda, the United Nations, the European Union, Somalia, Non-Governmental Organizations, and all branches of the U.S. military. He has taught as an instructor in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Propulsion Training Program and as a NROTC Instructor at MIT teaching Naval Weapon Systems and Naval Engineering. Nathan is currently the commanding office of the Submarine Force Reserve Component EXPEDITIONARY MAINTENANCE UNIT out of Groton, CT.

Nathan has a master’s of engineering in supply chain management and logistics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a master’s of engineering management from Old Dominion University, a bachelor’s of electrical engineering from Auburn University, and a bachelor’s in human resource management from The New School University. He is happily married and a proud father to a 2-year-old son!

Lisa Goolsby Bio

Lisa has a unique perspective on the Millennial generation, which she gained through her work as a marketing professor and coffee bar owner. Lisa has developed strategy for a variety of products and services, and she finds her greatest joy in the “ah-ha!” moment when her research and strategy collide and products and services succeed.

To relieve stress, she spends time with her two active children, runs as fast and as far as time will allow, does CrossFit with some of her former students, and rolls on the mats with a great coach for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She loves learning new things, and the more active they are, the better!