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Hi, all!

In his first post as the new CEO of LinkedIn, Ryan Roslanksy said, “It’s very rare that doing good for the world and doing well in business go hand in hand …”

That made me sad. I believe that the majority of people and businesses are good and do good. And I believe both LinkedIn and Stukent live at that intersection of doing good for the world and doing well in business.

At Stukent, we’re continuing our mission to help educators help students help the world. Thanks again for helping us fulfill our mission.

SPECIAL INVITATION: We’re bringing together about a thousand marketing educators at ProfCon Virtual on June 15–17. Our theme for the conference is Learn • Prepare • Share. If you attend, you’ll learn from speakers that are Stukent authors, renowned professors, and you’ll even hear from Facebook, one of the sponsors of our conference. This won’t be “just another webinar.” We’ve invested in a new online conference technology that will allow for all sorts of networking and interaction that you’ve likely never seen before.

Stay well!

– Stu




There are only 10 days until ProfCon! Learn from industry experts and innovative educators in this 3-day virtual conference for digital marketing professors!

Introducing “Business Analytics: Data Analysis and Storytelling for Business”! Request free instructor access to review the text and 150+ included resources.




Christian Freed

Christian Freed is a U.S. veteran, author, and graduate student! Learn about what he’s doing to build his brand as an author.

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Two men and one woman looking at a paper in a blue file folder in front of a blue wall

Learn about the history of advertising and some of the jobs your students can land after graduation!

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Dr. Denny McCorkle is a professor of marketing at the University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business where he teaches digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing strategies, and marketing management (MBA). 


Shubham Goel shares how SQL (Structured Query Language) improves marketing tactics and its connection to marketing in the future!

Joe Lazauskas shares the four important elements that make up a great story. Learn how he uses them to attract his audience’s attention.

Presented by Ryan Joos, learn how to use Google My Business to attract new customers to your business!

Our Expert Sessions are a great way to keep up with the industry and are perfect to use in class or as assignments. These video lectures encompass a variety of topics, with more added every month. Check out our Expert Session library to access these videos for free.


Follow along as Brennan Davis, author of “Business Analytics: Data Analysis and Storytelling for Business”, reviews the text and the 150+ included resources in this recorded webinar!

Interested in other webinars we’ve hosted? Check out our webinar library!

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