Introduction to Google My Business

Ryan Joos - Owner of Vulpin Marketing



In this session, Ryan Joos goes over how to get started with Google My Business, a tool designed to help businesses get recognized by customers. Google My Business quickly and easily shares information such as companies’ websites, phone numbers, store hours, and addresses. It’s key for businesses to have it set up and working, so they can start using it to gain customers.

I just watched this Expert Session: Introduction to Google My Business. Check it out here: @stukentapp @RyanJoos

Speaker: Ryan Joos - Owner of Vulpin Marketing


Ryan Joos is the owner and founder of Vulpine Marketing. Ryan has years of digital marketing experience working in some of the most competitive markets and industries in America. He has spoken at several conferences and written for notable publications on the topics of local SEO, link building, brand development, and social media marketing. In early 2020, Ryan created Vulpine Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency located in his hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho.


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